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blister and foot treatment recommendations

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avatar blister and foot treatment recommendations
September 08, 2008 02:03PM
Just finished 45 mile hike in Yosemite High Country. For the first time, no blisters. Have found the following to be very useful:
1. wear only one pair of socks (in spite of classical recommendations to wear one thin cotton pair under wool socks), "merino wool" type. Found
the brand "Darned Tough" to be terrific, though expensive socks (lifetime guarantee).
2. used Kinesio tape extensively. stays on better than Moleskin and is thinner. Do google search for "kinesio tape" or "Kinesio Tex". Has some history as general musculoskeletal tape for various ailments.
3. toenail trauma is reduced by taping aching toes (perhaps distributes pressure to other parts of toe)
Happy Hiking!

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avatar Re: blister and foot treatment recommendations
September 08, 2008 02:58PM
I use liners and Smartwool socks.
For many years I have hiked in classic "backpacking boots".
I do alot of miles and are pretty hard on them and got irritated at buying
a new pair every other year, having to break them in, my feet killing me
for the first few hikes, etc.
Now I only use Trail Running or Light Hiking Shoes. The manufacturers
have realized that Vibram Soles are the way to go and these shoes
last as long as the backpacking boots which cost nearly double.
(current pair has well over 300 miles of backpacking on them)
The manufacturers have also realized they need to put some cushion
in them. My feeling is that they make alot of money on backpacking
boots so they continue to make them. (and alot of people want them)
I think the "light hiking" part is just to get people to buy the other
boots... I have carried around 40lbs on them w/o foot issue...
So... that is my #1 suggestion for blisters... dump the backpacking boots...
My other is... if your feet start sweating, stop every hour or so and
let your feet and socks dry out some.

btw.. I was reluctant at first to use the shoes but won't go back now!
The wife has made the switch too now... If you are an REI member
you can always "try them out" and just return them if you decide that
it just doesn't work for you. REI has a great return policy.

That is my commercial... Have fun in the woods

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avatar Re: blister and foot treatment recommendations
September 09, 2008 06:54AM

Prior to our Yosemite trip in June I bought a pair of Merrill Vibram sole air cushion light hikers and broke them in on local hikes near home. I was pleased that there were no blisters and I used a single pair of REI expensive hiking socks.

I don't know how these shoes and socks will hold up to a 40-lb pack and was thinking a pair of backpacking boots would be needed for next year for greater stability and waterproofing (hiking in the rain). Spending money on another pair of shoes when I know the light hikers I have do not give me blisters seems a bit wayward so I'm going to do some local 5-7 mile day hiking with a full pack wearing the Merrills to see how they perform. They can't keep my feet dry in a rainstorm but I've got to find out how well they and my feet handle the extra load and distance.

avatar Re: blister and foot treatment recommendations
September 08, 2008 05:40PM
Second Skin can do wonders after a blister happens. It also works well for small cuts.

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