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Trail conditions out of HH presently?

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Trail conditions out of HH presently?
February 07, 2009 10:09AM
Well, searched everywhere but could not find definitive info …

Are trails up and out of Hetch Hetchy open at all this early?

I see the HH park gate entry is manned and passable.

I went b’packing for a week back early last May … that was also a dry year, and of course, May is a lot later than February or March … conditions-wise … but I got a good ways up .. about 2/3 the distance from Rancheria Falls to Wilma Lake … got turned around at some point from intimidating snow drifts .. and mud …

Can I get to Ranch’ Falls .. Tiltill Valley .. Ranch’ Mountain; presently, anyone know?


avatar Re: Trail conditions out of HH presently?
February 07, 2009 10:33AM
Well... Beehive currently has 84" of snow... 6500 elev.

So, yes, you can get there... just bring snowshoes.

You should be able to get to Rancheria Falls without any special equipment.
Where water flows over the trail there may be ice though, so if you go early
in the day... if it stays cold u might want to consider crampons...

Tiltill Valley... almost guaranteed to have snow when it flattens out
before dropping into the valley.

Rancheria Mountain. Yeah... even I wouldn't go up there yet...
(ok, maybe up to LeConte smiling smiley )
Maybe you meant Tiltill mountain.

As you know, it's still winter... so expect snow above the switchbacks
if you go towards Beehive.

Anyway, that's my best guess.

I always go by anything above 7500 gonna be almost full snow cover
all the way to Memorial Day. Even last year around Miwok it was 100% snow
and Ardeth was still frozen over on May 30th.

Have fun... here's hoping it snows on Mon-Thur and nice Fri-Sun since I've been
sobotaged the last 2 weekends!
Re: Trail conditions out of HH presently?
February 07, 2009 11:13PM
Oh geez, yep, you're right, I meant Tiltill mountain!

duh ,,, I know where I'm going ... ,,, !

Thanks for the helpful pointers ... well, also hear a storm's churning to hit this week .. so maybe the whole thing is moot ...

But I have time to go before May this year .. well, could always just even wait until May itself .. am feeling restless though ..

Thanks again.
avatar Re: Trail conditions out of HH presently?
February 08, 2009 08:11AM
>duh ,,, I know where I'm going ... ,,, !

Um... ok... where ARE you going?
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