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Yosemite Valley

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Never Meet Your Hero?

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Never Meet Your Hero?
September 17, 2017 04:53PM

Trying to be brief....

On Wednesday, 9/6, while descending the Half Dome cables, I struck up a conversation
with a young man who was right behind me. What a story he told....

On the prior Sunday, he was one of the first to arrive at the scene of a tree falling onto a car,
crushing it and a pair of occupants. He entered the car through the back window and found a
4 year old boy and his mother inside, with neither breathing. He used his back to lift part of the
crushed car roof off of the boy, giving him access to his head. He had an "obvious brain injury".

He gave the kid a rescue breath, then moved to the mom. He got her breathing as well, then
went back to the 4 year old. About this time, a Park Ranger stuck his head into the car and
asked, "who ARE you"? My new hero answered, "I'm a Special Forces Medic; this is what I

An ambulance ride and chopper extraction later, the pair were in Yosemite Valley. He would
subsequently find out that they would both make it. He had just saved 2 lives.

There's more to this story, but my question is this: Has anybody heard about this?
Re: Never Meet Your Hero?
September 19, 2017 06:35PM
OK, since nobody has, I'll go ahead and finish the story.

After my guy did his rescue act, he told the Park Ranger that he was
just getting to Yosemite, and didn't really have a plan. He just came to
clear his mind of some things, and would make it up as he went.

"Let me make a phone call", was the Ranger's reply.

Thanks to his heroism, Yosemite set him up with "anything we can
do for you". He didn't elaborate much, only to say that they came through
better than he thought they would. They also provided a Half Dome permit.
Without it, I would've never heard this story.

He went on to say that the guys he worked with had been going through
some "fairly intensive training", where he got THIS.

He held out a hand, with the tip of the index finger missing, the middle finger
had been broken, and the ring finger had no feeling in it. He had saved two
people's lives with one good hand. (A flash bang grenade had gone off in
his hand)

We went our separate ways, and I'll never see him again. Undoubtedly, before he
left the Park, he put out a couple fires, performed some open heart surgery and
gave his seat on the Valley shuttle to a little old lady.

He said that his name was Roy. I'll remember him as Superman.
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