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Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waxing Gibbous (100% of Full)


Re: One for HikerChicky395

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avatar One for HikerChicky395
November 20, 2013 07:19AM
Sorry... you no got da Lamb on me
(you can blame Bearpoof)

*yeah... I farted around with the photo in gimp

Also... I highly recommend Z Polly Domes... and Z Puppy Dome... all doozable in a day (we dooz it) wink

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: One for HikerChicky395
November 21, 2013 07:03PM
Nice angle of the upper Tenaya Creek valley.
Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 16, 2013 09:12AM
Probably one of the easier ones you've been up, eh? Which one of the domes, that you mentioned, had the best view?

I'm afraid this year, I can't recall getting to the top of ANY domes. I tried to get family up Pothole and we didn't even achieve that! Fierce thunderstorms...our timing sucked.

We've only been to Yosemite one time since June...Veteran's Day.

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avatar Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 17, 2013 07:30AM
Easiest. No way. Not even close. There's a huge number that are a simple walk up. (like Pothole)
We followed the ridge all the way to the top and there's one spot where it was dicey. Came down diff easier way...
Puppy is so close and very simple... so you should go up there.
Best view. Well... I guess I'd give the nod to Stately Pleasure Dome... which is the first
dome heading from west to east of the Polly Dome complex.
a la:

Mainly b/c you can see that big ol rock nicely framed. Sumtim like dis:

Def. will be taking the wifie up there next year and hanging out. Can easily spend a day up there
bopping around all the Pollys... smiling smiley

Have fun

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 17, 2013 09:42AM
This second picture is incredible - what a shot. Man,
I miss the place...
Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 19, 2013 01:24PM
That is really purdy! Something I can do by my lonesome?
avatar Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 19, 2013 09:24PM
You can definitely do the Pollies by your lonesome. I was up there a day before chick-on showed up...it was so cool I told him we had to do it again we he showed up. As a matter of fact, with Half Dome in view and great cell phone reception, I actually emailed a picture of where I was to him... which had his yellow feathers turning green with envy.
Scoot up the Murphy Creek trail a few hundred yards and look for the climber's use trails (their down-routes) coming in from the east. You basically work up the gully...it gets a bit brushy in places but its generally pretty easy to get up to the big open slabs up on top...and then just cruise where you feel like cruising!
Re: One for HikerChicky395
December 20, 2013 02:16PM

The reason for going to Polly system is in Photo #3, imho. When the water is really flowing. The start of Tenaya Creek, in essence. Not sure if it's officially called this on the maps. Pywiack Dome reminds me of Dark Helmet.

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