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Fern on the Four Mile Trail, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (77% of Full)


Re: A Strange Familiarity

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A Strange Familiarity
September 25, 2014 08:48PM
For probably too many people Yosemite is one little valley with a handful of waterfalls and exactly one-half of an exfoliating dome. And for these people, it might be entirely possible to check Yosemite off a bucket list after a single visit or two: been there, done that, have T-shirt.

Fortunately, Yosemite isn't just a single valley, and there's always someplace new to explore, even if it's a place you've literally walked nearby and around many times.


As before, sometimes the morning sun struggles to pierce smoke from fires far away, at least in the lowlands.

Yosemite's granite may seem to be the same everywhere, but every expanse of flat, polished granite is different, as are the views from it, even if they are not of entirely unfamiliar places.

The same is true for domes--each has its own character, and characteristic views: familiar landmarks from a fresh perspective.

In spring the smallest creek is often a raging torrent, but at the end of summer thirsty hikers greet small pools of water with the same enthusiasm as the dozen or so fish swimming in them--all patiently awaiting winter storms to renew the parched creek.

Heavy rains and snow may yet come, but thunderstorms provide immediate relief, hopefully quenching distant fires--while not igniting new ones.

Dry waterfalls and stagnant pools are all that remains of a hibernating creek.

Even surrounded by drought, lush gardens can still be found.

Glistening rain-soaked granite highlights an enchanted land visited by very few.

The water now falling from the sky may have descended the canyon long ago, polishing the same granite whose sheen it now renews.

Even first-time visitors are welcome to stay for the night.

After a stormy night, summer's sun warms fall's cool morning.

A granite ramp, unique yet like so many, leads up and away.

The slowest ascent can still seem all to fast.

Some visit for minutes or hours; others have stood guard for centuries.

At the top, fresh views of frequented lands.

As new memories form, reminders of past visits revealed.

Once inaccessible granite provides an easy descent.

A waterfall laid bare hints of former glory.

The aspens foreshadow fall's return.

A seasonal path leads from once forbidden to now familiar.

The water's roar of early summer now long gone, replaced by a calm quiet.

Below the valley, once cold, then warm, soon cool again.

Threatening storms cast sinister light on familiar sights.

One last look, perhaps...


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Re: A Strange Familiarity
September 25, 2014 09:01PM
...so now he goes back to his more literate roots.. and I look like an idiot with my dash-it-off stream-of-consciousness bits, but that's not *my* problem, poor reader...

Fabulous to be back with a great group again. Just a fun couple of days. The "pink one" is going to have to suffer with a new nickname for a while.. "Mr. Zero-Percent-Chance" (Or Zero-Percenter, which is playing off something that happened the weekend before...).. His weather service had ensured "zero percent chance of rain", ours (NOAA) had said 20% chance of t-storms. We smiled at the pink one Mr. Zero-Percent-Chance, but packed our rain gear. Anyway... as you could see, we did get rained on. And heavily. We were happy to be deep in a canyon as the lightning was pretty active for quite some time. And it rained through the evening and into the night. Pretty far into the night, but we dried out with a light breeze when it cleared... But after we'd settled in for breakfast out on the open granite, it started sprinkling again - good thing the TrailStar was still up!

Oh, gotta mention, Basilbop packed in Zachary's Pizza for us all to eat. Sure it was cold food, but cold Zachary's is still quite tasty! pizza slice

And I wouldn't change a thing about the trip! Absolute blast. How can you beat gorgeous scenery, polished expanses of granite and water flowing over rock? Oh yah, you can add a great bunch of people to share it all! And 'zza!
avatar Re: A Strange Familiarity
September 26, 2014 07:01AM
Tanks for the pizza slice n the "yeah, that dome is right there... let's go up it" smiling smiley

For me... it was deJa View all over again:

(this is classic Old Dood pose)

Checking the weather...

(this is also classic Old Dood pose)

The weather report shows 110% chance o fun... and obviously the guy with the Umbrella not believe everything he reads...

Ever wonder wutt under doz UFO pack covas?

(UFO / Space Agey Blankie)
(this is classic Old Dood pose)

Maybe things gets a little erratic:

But we have a well rounded adventure with a whole lotta views and a lotta fun...
Not too bad for a bunch of 95%ers 1%ers 0%ers tongue sticking out smiley

Pretty obvious it was never gonna rain tho

Have fun

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: A Strange Familiarity
September 26, 2014 04:09AM
Wow. A diferent take on a trip report. I like it ! Thanks for posting.
avatar Re: A Strange Familiarity
September 26, 2014 08:12AM
totally diggin' the literary take on the trip report!
Re: A Strange Familiarity
September 27, 2014 04:11PM
Bonus coverage: some Photosynths!

Dome Panorama


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