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Half Dome from the Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (100% of Full)


Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route

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Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
November 25, 2018 10:20PM
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
December 10, 2018 07:58AM

I've heard of the Sierra High Route. Are there others?
avatar Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
January 23, 2019 07:36AM
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
January 31, 2019 02:25PM
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 01, 2019 01:44PM
I think the $$$$ is a reaction to Andrew Skurka's commercialization of Steve Roper's High Route--and creating new "High Routes"; e.g. by selling topographic maps, "databooks", and even guided trips:


Curiously, Skurka claims:


When I first hiked the Sierra High Route there was no official or unofficial Mapset or Databook that was publicly available. So I made my own, and post-trip I updated it and made it available for purchase. Aspiring SHR hikers no longer have to assemble their maps from scratch, which is time-consuming and frustrating.

This despite the fact that Roper's very-detailed book includes said maps and everything needed to finish the route (and so much more), and the book certainly existed when Skurka first hiked the route since it is defined by Roper's book (which I guess isn't "official"?). Also, Roper on purpose kept the exact route off the book's maps to make it more of an adventure and to discourage the formation of a trail or ducked route; exact "go here" instructions are provided only where the route is constrained and options are few.

One might cynically conclude that creating and publicizing these other "High Routes" is a way to sell more maps, "databooks", and guided trips. What these new "high routes" lack is the rich history of the Sierra High Route, such as the explorations of Hutchings, Solomons, Dusy, LeConte, and others, as well as the early Sierra Club outings.

If you are interested in the Sierra High Route, 1) Buy Roper's book and 2) Use an app like Gaia, which will reduce the time-consuming, frustrating assemblage of maps to perhaps 10-20 minutes of UI interaction and an hour of downloading. And, when you're on the route, if you see a canyon or creek or pass that looks more interesting than the "official" route, it's your adventure--go for it! I'm sure Roper would approve.
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 01, 2019 03:08PM
And please LEAVE NO TRACE.

When we first did sections of Roper’s SH Route, many years ago, there were no trails, ducks, markers or such.

We went back years later to re-do a section and saw trail.

Frankly, I don’t like posting or saying anything anymore to “strangers” because I don’t know how they will treat the wilderness. It’s NOT your personal land to mark up and defile as you wish.

The last few years, we have seen so much more destruction (charcoal and fire scars from illegal fire rings, garbage, rock piles, carvings, rock arrows or worse to “show the way”, etc) in the backcountry. Whatever happened to the ethic of leave no trace? Other than spying a footprint, I shouldn’t know you’ve been there. Those that may follow you should be able to experience the area as you did.

I swear it’s gotten worse FASTER.

I can go on and on. I think you get my drift. I wish that book had never been written, and I wish Skurka had never done exactly what Roper asked people not to do.

I feel like backpacking has become a “sport” to those who really don’t give a damn about preserving and appreciating nature. Or a “bucket list” item to be checked off. Or a way to “find oneself”. Grrr. To those folks, I say learn to meditate.
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 01, 2019 05:21PM
@basilbop thumbs up
@JKW you forgot to mention the TP angry smiley

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Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 01, 2019 08:17PM
I deliberately didn’t specify all the bits of garbage, such as tp, tampons, foil, cans, plastics, and .... ugh... grrr...
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 01, 2019 09:23PM
Yes, you're right. All that (and more) is covered by the "garbage" category. I suppose I just have an extra-refined sensitivity to TP. 'Nuff said... don't want to detract from a nicely-worded homage to aspects of the SHR that may otherwise be missed.

BTW, lest I one day be called a poser, in full disclosure I have not been on any segment of the SHR... yet.
Re: Andrew Skurka scouts a Yosemite High Route
February 19, 2019 08:08AM
So sad. I decided a few years ago that I had no interest in the JMT and would rather section-hike the SHR. (Again, not that I've started, but that's another story.)

I guess if you really love off-trail hiking, you have to find your own doggone route.
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