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Re: Hikes around Midpines?

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Hikes around Midpines?
June 06, 2019 09:14PM
Next week we are spending two nights in Midpines before heading to the valley for two nights. The first day we are rafting the Merced. The second day (Thursday) I had initially thought we could go hike Hetch Hetchy and go to Wapama Falls (our friends that we're going with have never seen Hetch Hetchy), but then since I just booked our lodging at Midpines, it seems a bit out of the way to drive to Hetch Hetchy and then back down to the valley. We essentially will go down to the valley and then back up 120.

Any thoughts for interesting activities/hikes around the area we are staying at? or that side of the park?

I thought of Chiluna falls, which I've never seen, but my husband wasn't thrilled at the idea of a strenuous hike.
Re: Hikes around Midpines?
June 07, 2019 05:54AM
Chilnualna Falls is strenuous, but the falls will be spectacular with all this melting snow. On this trail there is a lower fall that's an easy hike, then the steeper climber to the higher falls. Highly recommended.

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Re: Hikes around Midpines?
June 07, 2019 11:45AM
One nearby option is to cross the bridge at Briceburg, drive west to the Railroad Flat campground and hike the Merced River trail west from there. Although if you were rafting the Merced the day before, I suppose this might feel like more of the same.

Other possibilities for less strenuous hikes around Wawona include the Meadow Loop or Swinging Bridge.

It is supposed to be hot next week so you might also consider hikes at higher elevation, such as around Crane Flat (Tuolumne or Merced Groves) or something along Glacier Point Road.
Re: Hikes around Midpines?
June 08, 2019 10:25AM
Thanks for the suggestions. Still not sure what we'll do .. maybe just go hike sentinel dome and Taft point.
Re: Hikes around Midpines?
June 15, 2019 06:43PM
We ended up driving to Hetch Hetchy, and hiked to Wapama Falls. The most water I have seen at the falls. I couldn't even make it to the bridge. The steps leading up to it seemed too dangerous to go up. Our kids had an awesome time on the water slide that's at the ~halfway point, and we enjoyed cooling off in the "pool".

Also, first time driving both of these roads and enjoyed both very much. So scenic.

Greeley Hill Rd - From Coulterville to 120
Cherry Lake Rd - From 120 to Mather
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