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Budd Lake trail inquiry

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avatar Budd Lake trail inquiry
May 29, 2021 11:31AM
On a backpacking trip in 2010 I took the Budd Lake Trail up to Echo Peaks and down below Echo lake for the first night. At the time there were no maps for this trail so I followed instructions from a friend. Instruction called for going up the Cathedral Trail about 1/2-3/4 mile and then cut left through the woods and intercept the desired trail. This I did. After awhile it became apparent this was actually the climber's trail for Cathedral Peak and I needed to get off it. I'm guessing I was 2/3 the way to Budd Lake. Again, I turned left and eventually discovered the Budd Lake Trail right along side Budd Creek and it was clear sailing from there. I just don't know where the Budd Trail began.

The climber's trail begins about 1/2-3/4 mile up the Cathedral Trail but I believe I went right by it, which is apparently easy to do because it's not marked well. I'm presuming that the Cathedral climber's trail and the Budd Lake trail run concurrently and split somewhere. Yes-No? If this is true I'm not sure where they split. I obviously went well past that point or intercepted the climber's trail past that point.
This year I'm going over Echo Peaks again to reach the saddle between Cockscomb and Matthes Crest. Budd Lake is the shortest way to get there and I would like to get that far in the most efficient manner possible, saving my energy for the higher elevations. Any clarification from those who have been there is appreciated.
Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
May 29, 2021 01:34PM
You're correct about the climbers' trail splitting from the trail to BL, look in Shaffer's book for a description. Even if you stay on the climbers' trail, all is not lost - near the base of cathedral peak, the climbers' trail heads north, you can go off trail downslope to Budd Lake, or south toward the saddle between Cathedral and Echo peaks, then head east .
avatar Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
May 29, 2021 01:41PM
Thanks, I'll have to look up that book.
Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
May 29, 2021 03:01PM
Yes...and it's not really a use trail. We saw a trail crew working on it a few years ago. I don't think they maintain use trails, usually ..

And it's always a bit farther up the Cathedral Lakes/JMT trail than I expect. If you're not sure...that's not the use trail.

Once on the use trail, you eventually come to a fork down by the creek. Take the left fork, across the creek, and continue to Budd Lake or Echo Peaks.

But the Geezer is right--once you get up high enough, you can see Budd Lake a head over to it. Lots of marmots...

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avatar Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
May 31, 2021 08:23PM
It's well marked on Caltopo.
avatar Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
June 01, 2021 02:57PM
avatar Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
June 02, 2021 03:08PM
Thanks, eeek
This map shows exactly where the fork is.
avatar Re: Budd Lake trail inquiry
June 10, 2021 10:42AM

Looking at calendar v good chance can join you
on Matthes day. I have alternate route which is pretty awesome.
Or can lead follow or get outta the way…
Of course done many many times!
PM or call anytime

Kindest Regards

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