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Re: Reselling of campsites

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Reselling of campsites
March 22, 2011 04:51PM
I have been flagging posts on craigslist.com for all of the CA areas for people selling campsites. They are taken down really quickly and I have made it a part of my morning routine. If we all do this maybe the bastards will get frustrated and give up!

Also someone listed their actual site and date for a crazy profit, I emailed the park service and they refunded the reservation to the person. Nice little surprise for them : )

I have had some time on my hands since my surgery...
avatar Re: Reselling of campsites
March 22, 2011 05:40PM
Stay in recovery for a long time and keep doing this. Nice work!!

Old Dude

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Re: Reselling of campsites
March 22, 2011 05:46PM
After the 2/15 buy date I just for the heck of it went on craigslist and ebay and found someone selling a site. Emailed the reservation people and they jumped all over it, having craigslist take it off and cancelling the reservation. They are really on top of this.
avatar Re: Reselling of campsites
March 22, 2011 09:01PM
Re: Reselling of campsites
March 24, 2011 07:06PM
After a week of little effort on my part, Craigslist CA is mostly Yosemite campsite free! I did help a few worried people out who were seeking to trade sites, gave them info and directed them to the campsite picture website. I plan on making a quick scan of Craigslist part of my morning routine. Who knows, maybe we will have a better chance of getting a site in the future!

On a different note, if anyone sees when the North Pines sites are released, the ones that are being held back, please let me know. I want at least a weekend so my boys can spend one last time there for a while. June 17th weekend is my plan. Military transfer so we will be gone for a minimum of 4 years. They are flying out here so we can travel X-country together, they moved out early to get into a good school district, and boy do I miss them! Hitting Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and lots of other places.

My email is (now removed for the asshat who signed me up for a gay website 20 mins after I posted it) for the heads up!


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avatar Re: Reselling of campsites
March 24, 2011 07:29PM
There are plenty of campgrounds within a half hour or so of the park so don't cancel plans because you can't get a site on the valley floor or in the park..

Old Dude
Re: Reselling of campsites
March 24, 2011 10:10PM
Oh I know, I spend about 100 days on average in the park. We already have plenty of alternatives set up, but they aren't our favorite place. Calaveras Big Trees is the leading contender right now.

I almost feel like I am leaving a good friend behind, every chance I get I go to Yosemite. Maybe on my next 4 year tour I will find the time for Kings Canyon...
Re: Reselling of campsites
March 24, 2011 10:23PM
To the person who signed me up for a homosexual websites, get a life tool... Angry because we are ruining you taking advantage of the National Park system?


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Re: Reselling of campsites
March 26, 2011 02:51PM
I started doing that today also, but apperently it takes dozens of flags to remove an item. That is crap that these people purchase this sites and then sell them for a profit. I wrote one of the people selling them and asked to buy it for the listed price. They wrote me and said a minimum 100 bucks a night. These people need to be stopped. No wonder its a nightmare to get spots and these people are not helping us.
Re: Reselling of campsites
March 26, 2011 05:54PM
Get as much info regarding the reselling of the site as you can and forward it to the reservation system people. They will cancel that person's reservation.
Re: Reselling of campsites
March 26, 2011 07:01PM
They don't list the site number on the posting. If they do they get refunded their money winking smiley Once action is taken against Craigslist it will stop, unfortunately it will have to be the Park Service who goes after them... The only way we can stop them is to make it impossible for them to sell them. If I find the time maybe I will try and get someone in Craigslist legal department.
Re: Reselling of campsites
April 04, 2011 09:18AM
I have been checking out craigslist on this and found someone selling campsites every for several weeks almost every single month in the summer. I don't know how they get this many spots. They are in the Bay area craigslist. I emailed them on the price and they said $120 a night. Yup, $120 dollars each night. Needless to say i have been flagging their posts. Wrong in so many ways.
Re: Reselling of campsites
April 04, 2011 10:58AM
Keep up the flagging! Craigslist really needs to filter it out, ebay did it...
Re: Reselling of campsites
April 04, 2011 11:10AM
The Camping reservation service (recreation.gov) has a contact at Craigslist. Just email the reservation service with the craigslist ad and they'll get on it. l
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