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Yosemite Falls

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Four Mile Trail report

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avatar Four Mile Trail report
August 01, 2011 10:38PM
I've hike up before, but went via Panarama down. This time it was up and down 4 mile (well, 4.6 mile). Rode bikes to Yosemite lodge and walked to the trailhead which added a mile each way. Left early and was well rewarded with shade!

Going up was great! Every turn it was amazing to see Yosemite Falls and the valley. After a while, the group stopped stopping for pictures and we hiked on. Some in our group had acclimation problems and realized that if they were struggling with this hike, Half Dome would be out of the question.

Ran into a few hikers with a 16 ounce bottle of water between the two of them. They looked terrible! We offered snacks, but they declined. Ran into them again later, and they were in bad shape. One in our group had water that was not connected to a hydration pack and they gladly accepted. They told us that they had been told by another hiker that they wouldn't need any water until they got to the top. This other hiker had done it and so could they. Bad decision! Always carry water!!! We also carry Quench gum (like Gatorgum) with us. Perhaps it is all in our heads, but we offered some to the hikers and when we finally saw them at the top they claimed it was a lifesaver. Mosquitoes were out, but thanks to the regulars on this board, the 3M Ultrathon I used kept them at bay. Once we were at the top, one in our group was spent. He was considering looking into a one-way ticket to the valley, but after lunch and a rest, he was fine.

Nothing like an ice cream at the top of Glacier Point, or so my niece says. Great views, clear sky, and just wonderful openess. Untill you walk into someone's cloud of cigarette smoke that is. It was time to head down. I love hiking and Yosemite, but the hike down was very uneventful (and a little - gasp - boring). Perhaps it was because I had previously come down Panorama. Still awesome though.

Always carry water!!!! Even if there is water available at your destination (like Glacier Point), it is always the smart thing to do.
Re: Four Mile Trail report
August 01, 2011 10:50PM
Never done that trail. Nice report.
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