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mid-june trip plan -- need advice

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mid-june trip plan -- need advice
December 31, 2011 12:30PM
planning a trip for mid june and need some advice. Happy Isle through LYV to Merced Lake to Emeric Lake through Tuolomne Pass up to JMT west and then south through Cathedral Pass past Columbia Finger then west by Sunrise Lakes over Clouds Rest and back down through LVV to the Valley. about 65 miles as i roughly figure. concerned about high water levels around the lakes and creeks/rivers at that time of year. also, what do you guys think about the loop in general? from the midwest this will only be my second trip to the sierra nevada region so i'm fairly easily impressed at this point. last june did the north rim obofrt to snow creek then across the valley to do a one night obligatory trip up to half dome. saweet!!!!! can't wait 'til june!!
avatar Re: mid-june trip plan -- need advice
December 31, 2011 02:37PM
avatar Re: mid-june trip plan -- need advice
December 31, 2011 02:41PM
You prob. saw these...


1st one.. b/c it was mid-June this yr (2011).
2nd one.. b/c basil talks about Emeric crossing

Regardless... mid-June... yeah, sure maybe you can't do that whole loop
(if you don't want to hike in snow)
but... seriously... don't worry about it... no need to
you can just keep going up towards Emeric and if you no like...
then go back down and head towards Merced headwaters...
past Washburn.... etc.. some great stuff up there
(see first one).
As long as you go up the Merced all the way to Merced Lake... if you're not
impressed... then I dunno what to do with you.

Have fun

Chick-on is looking at you!
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