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Re: GPS recommendations

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GPS recommendations
April 26, 2012 08:10PM
Wondering if anyone has some recommendations. I want something that I can upload topographical maps to so I can go off trail and know where im at. Uploading maps from others that show their routes taken would be nice too.Dependable, accurate, durable, hopefully water proof, doesn't eat a lot of batteries. Thanks
avatar Re: GPS recommendations
April 26, 2012 08:34PM
Read this thread entirely ... I assume you have not:

Currently I am using the Garmin eTrex 30. It's my recommendation.
Buy some Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargables and you're good to go.
I use the rechargables year round and typically they last a good 3 days of running around.
More if I'm lazy and don't hike ALL day.
smiling smiley
For backup I will take a set of Lithiums... but I rarely have to use them unless it's
a longer >4 day trip.
I figure I've saved 100's of dollars using the rechargables.

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: GPS recommendations
April 27, 2012 01:14AM
I'll second the Eneloop battery suggestion. Really awesome batteries that will save you money in the long run. I use them in my Vista HCx (Garmin's previous generation) and they work great.
avatar Re: GPS recommendations
April 28, 2012 01:54PM
Buy some Sanyo Eneloop AA Rechargables

avatar Re: GPS recommendations
April 26, 2012 10:48PM
I have the garmin 76csx and I've been happy with it. I've had it since May of 2006 and I haven't had any issues with it. I went with the marine version so I wouldnt have to worry about rain water.

One thing I didn't like was that the maps were sold separately. However, depending upon your moral compass, the maps are up on the torrent sites.

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Re: GPS recommendations
April 26, 2012 10:57PM
search function. should of thought of that , thanks guys.
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