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Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (87% of Full)


Re: Bird's Eye View

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avatar Bird's Eye View
June 21, 2012 09:48AM
I had mentioned to Da Bird that I had gone on a flightseeing tour about 10 years ago as a birthday present to my father, and, of course, we had to include flying over Yosemite as part of the day. Da Bird had been squaking about me putting up the pics ever since...so I got them digitized and I will put up a shot now and then for your enjoyment. Part of the deal is that you have to help me ID each shot...as you will see it was a bit early in the season (May, as I recall) and it must have been a decent snow year so there is plenty of the white stuff in a lot of the shots. And my records of each shot are in the hard copy scrapbook that I put together for my Dad...so it will be great to have your help in identifying the features in each shot for my digital files.

As you will see, some shots are better than others, some are from higher and some for lower elevations, and the quality of the digitization wasn't great, but I hope that you have some fun with these.

I will start you off with an easy one..
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 21, 2012 01:09PM

On the left is Fairview Dome, then Cathedral Peak, Echo Peaks, and Cockscomb. The tallest peak in the background is Mt. Conness with the White Mountain Range to the right of it. I went over Echo Peaks a couple years ago and the ruggedness of that area brings back memories.


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avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 21, 2012 06:22PM
OK, that was easy...help me with this one...
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 21, 2012 08:24PM
The first one you can see where we hiked... 10450... Tresidder... Columbia Finga... etc.

The second one will be fairly obvious... see that big lake... Saddlebag.
So your plane about over Upper McCabe looking south.
North Mtn. Dana. Dana Plateau visible... that sorta thing.

More please
Feed ME!

Chick-on is looking at you!

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avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 22, 2012 06:39PM
Since you axed for a tougher one...
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 25, 2012 08:15AM
I axe for more. Not ridiculously hard.

I give up. Something somewhere in Northern Yosemite.
Can you zoom in closer so it's really impossible?
Can't make it fit anywhere. Don't recognize the mtns. No lakes.
Gimme something to go with.. sigh...
Was thinking somewhere around Wilson.. but can't make it fit.
How about a few before or after!???

Chick-on is looking at you!
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 28, 2012 08:52PM
I have no idea at the moment where that is...that's why I was axing for help. I will try to get you some clues....best I can do for now is that the picture is NOT where your old camera is.
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 28, 2012 11:47PM
Looks like Alpine Meadows to me (but without the chairlifts). wink
avatar Re: Bird's Eye View
June 23, 2012 12:45PM
Now I wish I had taken pictures when I was in a small plane over Yosemite. Must have been too busy keeping the plane in the air. winking smiley
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