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Yosemite Valley

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city lights visible from hwy 41 in yosemite

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avatar city lights visible from hwy 41 in yosemite
August 19, 2013 07:11PM
every morning i leave wawona around 5am and drive to the valley to go to work, (except my days off, i sleep in!!! grinning smiley ). Somewhere roughly around 5:25 am give or take a few, i'm near avalanche creek on highway 41. I notice that when i'm near avalanche creek on highway 41 and also a little bit north of it, you can see city lights out in the distance if you look to the south west. my camera isn't very good otherwise i would take a picture of it for you. My best guess is that it would be from chowchilla, but wasn't sure so I've come here to see if anyone might know where it's from. there's various spots you can see it from. If you get to the tunnel you've gone too far and will be unable to see the lights from there - you've got to drive about 5 to 7 minutes south of the tunnel, roughly around avalanche creek and you can see these lights from various spots on the road if you look in the proper direction. here's a few pics on the map where i'm talking about - -

This is just my guess - I could be off but was wondering if anybody here might know. thanks for lookin!
A marks avalanche creek. the first photo is one of the pullouts i'll pull over in then look to the southwest from there.

and for your viewing pleasure, here is a nice silhouette that I see every morning on my way to work. If I had a decent camera it would look way cooler but all I have is my cell phone... all these years i've worked here and have never invested in a decent camera yet, ironic i know.

(there was a small cloud above half dome which I thought was kind of neat so i snapped this pic)

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avatar Re: city lights visible from hwy 41 in yosemite
August 19, 2013 07:36PM
If you are seeing two sets of bright lights in a square pattern, that could be the Chowchilla prison. It's now a men's prison.
avatar Re: city lights visible from hwy 41 in yosemite
August 19, 2013 07:54PM
Ah, so the green paint over the "wo" on the CA-99 signage that looks like graffiti - is actually official?

If CalTrans wants to do something to discourage the problem of graffiti I'd have to think not committing it would be the first step.
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