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Re: October Bear Update

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avatar October Bear Update
October 21, 2013 01:24PM
In preparation for hibernation, bears eat up to 20,000 calories each day in fall months. The abundant acorns this year have provided us with the treat of seeing black bears aloft in the trees feeding naturally. Some of these trees, however, are in or near housing and other developed areas. This sets up a situation in which these wild bears could be exposed to human food, unless residents and visitors are especially vigilant in keeping their food secure from bears.

Please be aware that pet food, open windows in unattended buildings, overflowing trash and recycling, kitchen compost heaps, bird feeders and any other food or attractants left out can lead bears to change their foraging habits. Keep vehicles clean of food and attractants. Don’t let your mistake be the one that starts any of these wonderful animals down the road to ruin.

Many bears and other wildlife are foraging on acorns near roadways. Please remember to help protect all wildlife by obeying speed limits and paying attention while driving.
avatar Re: October Bear Update
October 22, 2013 12:22PM
Bear Activity Summary: In Yosemite Valley, a bear got food from visitors in a popular and crowded picnic area. It is important to keep food within arm’s reach at all times since bears are active both day and night. Wandering away from your food even for a minute provides a bear (or other wildlife) the opportunity to get food. Please help preserve natural wildlife behavior by keeping your food to yourself.

Several bears continue to be active in El Portal residential areas. This week a bear has been seen eating fruit in fruit trees in Old El Portal. Please protect yourself and your property by always clipping dumpsters and properly storing food and scented items inside your residence. Please do not leave windows or doors open if you are not home.

Bears have consistently been foraging along roadsides within the park. Always drive the speed limit within the park, and scan ahead for wildlife especially around drainages and around blind turns.

If you see a bear during your visit, please report it to the Save-A-Bear Hotline at 209-372-0322.

Red Bear, Dead Bear: This year 16 bears have been hit by vehicles.

Interesting Bear Fact: American black bears can walk upright (bipedal), but do so usually only for a few steps.

Other Wildlife Sightings: This week, a resident saw a mountain lion while out jogging near the bottom of Foresta Rd at dusk. Last week a resident saw a mountain lion in the evening near Curry Village.
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