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avatar 2009 Yosemite Invasive Plant Work Plan
April 24, 2009 11:46AM
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The 2008 Yosemite National Park Invasive Plant Management Plan (IPMP; outlines prioritization of invasive plant
species treatment. The 2009 work plan emphasizes treatment of species ranked as high-
priority, followed by those of medium-high priority. Among high-priority species, much
of the 2009 treatment efforts will be spent on species that currently have large
populations and a widespread distribution in the park: Himalayan blackberry (Rubus
discolor), velvet grass (Holcus lanatus), bull-thistle (Cirsium vulgare), yellow star-thistle
(Centaurea solstitialis). In addition to manual control methods that have been used for
several decades in the park, two herbicides, glyphosate and aminopyralid, will now be
used to control invasive plant infestations.
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