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Yosemite Valley

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Advice on High Sierra Camps

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Advice on High Sierra Camps
June 18, 2002 11:41AM
<HTML>After quite of few years of trying, I have reservations for 8 day loop hike in early August through the High Sierra Camps in Yosemite.

I have some questions not answered by any literature I can find:

1) Do most people doing the camp to camp trips carry enough water for a day or do they carry a filter. I'm thinking that even for a non-backpacking trip, it would be worth the weight to carry the filter. But, that assumes frequent sources to fill up from.

2) The HSCs, as in huts in Europe, require that one bring a sheet sleeping bag. So, they have adequate blankets, I assume? Or do most people bring a light sleeping bag anyway. I wonder about temperatures at night. I remember Yosemite from many years ago but can't quite bring back a feel for temperatures there in August .. say at Vogelsang.

3) I know about having to pack so that all food, toothpaste, etc go into bear proof boxes at night - No question left here but the info I received with the reservation didn't mention this.

4) Anything else I should know?</HTML>
Re: Advice on High Sierra Camps
June 18, 2002 08:15PM
Congratulations on getting a reservation for the trip of a lifetime.

1) All the camps have treated water. When hiking you could drink up to a gallon of water a day so a filter is a good idea, even in August you will find plenty of water along the trail to filter. I think filtered Fresh Mountain water is much better than chlorinated camp water.

2) Not only will you be supplied with blankets but also comforters. Sheet Sleeping bags are available for purchase at all of the camps so if you are wondering where to get one they even sell them at reasonable cost. Temperatures should be about 70 during the day and dropping to 30 at night. The coldest being at about 6AM and warming up quickly as the sun comes out. There can also be Thundershowers so bring a lightweight poncho.

3) You will be requested to turn in items like toothpaste to be stored in bins in the kitchen and they will be made available to you after 7 AM.

4) Depending on who or how many people are in the camp the bedding can be somewhat like a dormitory with the ladies in one tent and the men in another.

Have Fun,</HTML>

David Oppenheim
Re: Advice on High Sierra Camps
June 19, 2002 05:18AM
<HTML>Thanks David - You gave me just the information I needed!!!

I do a lot of backpacking and have been to mountain huts
in Europe and Japan, where the system is quite the same
as in the HSC, except that there aren't any bears. And,
I have sheet sleeping bags, so there isn't any problem
there. But, I usually plan quite well for trips into the mountains
and wanted to get as much help as possible. Your answers
were just what I, an perhaps others, need.</HTML>
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