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Re: Yosemite in the Fall?

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Yosemite in the Fall?
June 20, 2006 06:46AM
Hi Everyone-

I know spring time is the ideal time to visit Yosemite, but I was wondering about the fall? I understand Waterfalls may be dried up? I'm looking at visiting sometime between mid-September through early October. Are there any natural perks for this time of year?


Re: Yosemite in the Fall?
June 20, 2006 11:08AM
No, the NPS employees pack the trees and giant rocks into a storage locker on August 31. They put it all back out there in late March.

Ha! I'm just playin'.

There is plenty to see in the fall, especially since Tioga Rd. is open and the trails are not snowed in. This alone nearly doubles the size of the park as compared to what is available in the early spring. Some of the waterfalls will be dry, but Yosemite is still gorgeous and well worth the trip.

And since it's not summer, it won't be as hot as it could be. And the crowds seem to be reduced in the fall.

Some of the trees change color in the fall (and I thought California had a law against that) and that can make for some nice views.

If you're interested in the Tioga Rd. spots, I'd recommend going in September moreso than October. For some reason, they close the store and campgrounds and restrooms up there as soon as humanly possible in September, even when it hasn't snowed yet.
avatar Re: Yosemite in the Fall?
June 20, 2006 12:45PM
Some of the best fall color is just outside the park in Lee Vining canyon. The aspens usually turn in early October.

Re: Yosemite in the Fall?
June 20, 2006 11:52PM
While Yosemite Falls is usually dry by then, Vernal and Nevada Falls often have some nice flows throughout the year. Some of my best hikes to Half Dome have been in September. Fewer people, and I have some great September pictures of Vernal and Nevada Falls from that month. (You go by both on the 8.2 mile hike up to Half Dome.) Not the huge water volume of May and June, but still very picturesque. And September hikes aren't quite as hot as June and July hikes that can easily reach 100 degrees. September is perfect hiking weather.

Up on Tioga road it can be very nice and the solitude can be great up there at that time of year. I know. I ran my car battery dry and it was 2 hours before anyone (including a Park Ranger) came by. The view from Olmsted point is also very nice. You can see the back of Half Dome and there are some nice day hikes in that area.

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