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Yosemite Valley

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Re: alders blocking Valley View

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alders blocking Valley View
November 07, 2006 05:48PM
Stopping at Valley View last week, I couldn't help but notice that several bushy white alders along the Merced River shore that had just been tiny shoots after the 1997 flood and subsequent new construction there have grown both upward and outward to the extent they increasingly block the views eastward at that heavily used viewpoint. When the Merced is high in late spring the level will be such that visitor will only be able to see that famous view through the branches. Its bad enough that the classic views of Bridalveil Falls shown in century old black and white photos of wide open scattered black oak and meadows is now in modern times mostly obscurred by dense tall pines growing ever higher behind Bridalveil meadow. The mindset of those that have authority to do anything about the situation is apparently rather rigidly to not to interfere with nature. Like they are afraid of some imagined rigid thinking types will complain. Well I'm complaining and I'd bet there are a heck of a lot more like me than those who think rigidly. Of course there are many other viewpoints in the valley with this same dilemna and as someone that has been coming to the park for several decades I only see it getting worse.

So am I the only one here irritated by the status quo? ...David

Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 08, 2006 07:55AM
The area near Valley View (or just above it) was once blocked by a natural glacial moraine dam. That dam kept the valley floor above it fairly wet most of the year, resulting in more open, meadowy areas with less forest.

Early in the park's European-controlled history, that dam was blasted out to allow the Valley to drain, ostensibly to drain the meadows "better" and eradicate mosquito populations. The net result is less meadow, more forest - valleywide.

Assuming the park admins know about the issue, it comes down to whether or not it is best to emulate nature before this event, or after. In some places, one could easily argue that the forests improve the setting, providing shade, beautiful views, screening of unsightly human development (there is plenty of that) and a sense of wilderness (that probably is not really there). In other areas, such as those you mention and up at Tunnel View, additional trees tend to get in the way and, on the valley floor, be not quite natural.

If they implement a surgical tree removal program, should it be valleywide for consistency's sake, or just in specific places? Maybe they should cut down all of the trees that grow in areas that were historically meadowlands...

It will be hard to please everyone.

Wilderness forever,
Bruce Jensen
avatar Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 10, 2006 12:58AM
Great views are a matter of perspective. I have no respect for laziness when it comes to grabbing a photo. Be creative. TAKE A HIKE


Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 10, 2006 08:56PM
Obviously given the tone of your statement you don't like something about my statements in the above post.

Vince you are talking to the wrong person if you are trying to suggest I need to hike to find photographic viewpoints. Simply visit my website at the above link and you will find that there are few photographers that have backpacked or hiked in the Sierra Nevada as much as I have in the last three decades including all manner of diffficult locations. The thread is not about my own needs but rather a matter of concern for all visitors to the park. Especially those whose only experiences are these very public places.

have a nice day ..David

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Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 12, 2006 05:16PM
So,..the Alders are blocking your favorite spot to shoot. Quit your crying, roll your socks up, (or get some waders) and stick that $600.00 tripod in the water! From the sound of the Bio on your website, you make Superman look like a weenie. So just get wet already. Getting uncomfortable to get "the shot" isnt the end of the world.
Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 12, 2006 08:56PM
fotograff, like the person that commented before, you mis-understand the intent of my statement to be a complaint that it is impacting my own photography. I'm speaking out on behalf of the public. The people that can't easily walk on logs or hop about on slippery river stones like I might. And my statement is not so much a complaint for photography but simply for people to be able to enjoy a clear view.

Of note I have waterproof waders that I sometimes wade out into streams like the Merced with my tripod and view camera. So no this doesn't impact my photography personally but it will effect a lot of ordinary folk's enjoyment of this very famous viewpoint that otherwise are resigned to the paved areas. ...David

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Re: alders blocking Valley View
November 13, 2006 10:25AM
you make Superman look like a weenie


As funny as I thought this was........I thought this was a friendly form???

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