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Live chat on IRC

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avatar Live chat on IRC
July 09, 2009 08:57PM
Live chat is available. It is not web based. You need to school yourself on IRC a little.

I use the sorcery server, spam bots and other troublemakers don't go there, it's well-maintained. Been using it for over 10 years.

The channel name is #YosemiteNews.info

You can use the channel for one-on-one live chat all you want. It's there. And free. Consider it internet texting, and you can PM there if you want to hook up otherwise. Learn it.

If all you have is a web browser you can access the chat at iuturna.sorcery.net until you learn how to use live IRC.

Dialup doesn't matter, IRC is very, very low bandwidth.
avatar Re: Live chat on IRC
July 09, 2009 09:24PM
A better place would be #yosemitenews.info at irc.borgchat.net
avatar Re: Live chat on IRC
July 09, 2009 09:32PM
I wait on both servers...LOL

I think anything that's not completely web-based is a mystery to 99.999 percent of the planet
Re: Live chat on IRC
July 11, 2009 07:44AM
I think anything that's not completely web-based is a mystery to 99.999 percent of the planet

Hopefully so. What we really need is another way to keep in constant contact. There are times when cell phones, iphones, blackberries, home computers, and laptops with wireless access for instant messaging and webcams just aren't quite enough. There are still available time slots that could be filled with some other form of electronic communication. Unbelievable? Walk in to any supermarket, and you'll see that there are still a majority of people that aren't talking on cell phones, and are unable to reserve a room in Albuquerque or check the weather in Sitka while in the checkout line. Oh yeah, they might have a blackberry hidden in their pocket or purse, but they're not actually USING it; what a waste. Fortunately they've invented a dorky ear-thingy (just think of cattle ear tags) so people can avoid wasting time while driving and stay constantly in touch, besides walking around talking to 'themselves'. But then they come home to relax and no instant messenger is popping up on the computer demanding their attention...only the ring of the antiquated home phone to remind them that their auto warranty is expired. How sad to have to fill in those unused blank spaces with say, their ipod or mp3 player, as a desparation move to avoid boredom or actual human contact.

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avatar Re: Live chat on IRC
July 11, 2009 09:40AM
I wasn't intending the chat for those actually in the park. I only go there twice or maybe three times a year, and only briefly anymore.

I will be spending an entire week in the Mammoth area (finally) but again only briefly on the eastern side of Yosemite. I'll bring a laptop, but only to look at photos and clear the flash card, nothing more. I tried watching a movie while camping once...that was a dud.
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