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Re: Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill

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avatar Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill
July 29, 2009 08:11PM
The Senate on Wednesday passed a $34.3 billion energy spending bill that backs up President Barack Obama's promise to close the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility in Nevada. The bill, passed by a 85-9 vote, also covers hundreds of water projects being undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers.

avatar Re: Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill
August 02, 2009 05:18PM
What an error, especially for Nevada. Nuclear power is clean energy and the so-called "waste" would be perfect for my state in terms of budget. Most of Nevada is wasteland (see Area 51). What does Obama want, pedal power? Hey Mr. Kenya, look up "Faultless" and see where the cracks lead.
Re: Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill
August 03, 2009 12:41AM
Vince - You are an idiot.
Re: Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill
August 04, 2009 08:39AM
Vince - You are an idiot.

Now, now - there is room for debate here.

If we are going to have 100% cheap energy (note that I did not say either green or renewable, because ultimately cheap is what we as a society want to end up with), we are going to need nuclear, sad to say. As a staunch environmentalist who strongly believes in solar and waves/wind (when it can be done without harming critters), I still see that pure renewable is a couple of lifetimes away. Even nuclear fusion energy, in which I believe and which would solve about 99.9% of fission's problems, is a lifetime off at best. Thus, we will need fusion, and we will need a safe place to put spent fuel. Unless we place it on incredibly dependable rockets and launch them toward the sun, where else can it go? Let's talk.

avatar Re: Senate Passes Energy And Water Bill
August 04, 2009 08:43AM
I agree with Vince. I think it's a monumental mistake.
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