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Ecologists Concerned about Wild Hares

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avatar Ecologists Concerned about Wild Hares
July 31, 2009 12:18PM


The Case of the Disappearing Rabbit
Ten million acres of the American West may depend on the fate of the vanishing snowshoe hare.
By Lily Huang | NEWSWEEK
Published Jul 25, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Aug 3, 2009
In the roadless, snow-muffled backcountry of northwestern Montana lies your best chance of ever seeing a wild Canada lynx. An improbable creature, it is small on the spectrum of wildcats—about three times the size of a house cat—and stands on disproportionately long legs, on which it is uncommonly fast. Its great head seems larger and wiser for its tuft of beard and the birdish plumes at the tips of its ears, but its feet spoil its air of gravitas. They are enormous. They act like snowshoes, and they are part of what makes the lynx supremely adapted to this part of the Rocky Mountains. Another inhabitant, the snowshoe hare, is adapted to life here, too. A lynx, if it could, would eat nothing but snowshoe hares its whole life, and pretty much does....

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