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Re: Old Sonora Poet writes poem about James Savage and Yosemite Indian people.

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avatar Old Sonora Poet writes poem about James Savage and Yosemite Indian people.
August 05, 2009 06:43AM
I don't know if any people know or have heard of Cowboy poetry, but someone many, many years ago wrote a poem that came out in an old publication that is no longer in print called the Pony Express. The publication was made of stories of old pioneers who recounted their tales during the time they entered the area and the West. The Pony Express was once published in Sonora, California in Tuolumne County ages ago and has valuable historical stories or early life. In one publication was an old Cowboy Poem called "The Frontier Clamper Man" which recounts, in a sort poem, the life of James Savage in the Yosemite area. Savage was a historical figure in the area.

Here is the poem with description:

"The Frontier Clamper Man"

Here is the poem from the old publication The Pony Express


Jim Savage was a frontier man,
Pioneer, trapper, guide.
With pretty squaws, it was his plan
To take’em for a bride.

To them old Jim was always true;
Faithful as starts above.
He never fell for eyes of blue,
Just amber inspired his love.

All Redskin tongues, sign language too,
Jim used ‘em far and wide.
He was a frontier Clamper man.
Pioneer, trapper, guide.

In sundry mines he made his sou,
Then walked the Moke Hill trail.
In Clamper style he wore the blue
Where Zumwalt gathered kail.

When Diggers dug their precious gold
They traded it for grog.
Hardware and whiskey Savage sold
For prices “on the hog.”

Warwhooped Yosemite’s Piute brave
In havoc ‘cross the land,
Came Mariposa’s boys to save
The law and order stand.

Yea, trading posts Jim ran galore,
Throughout the Southern mines,
Where Indians, with high grade ore,
Traded for Savage lines.

Alas, a knave of Harvey brand,
(Ignoble was his aim)
Layed poor Jim low in Tulare land.
There ended all his fame.


The "Diggers" is the old name for Miwoks.

Bear Head

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Re: Old Sonora Poet writes poem about James Savage and Yosemite Indian people.
December 02, 2009 12:14PM
About James Savage. I don't believe anyone other than me knows so just to set history straight James Savage was half blackfoot Indian. His father took a Blackfoot wife and moved to Putnam county, Illinois. They had two sons, Charles & James. Charles moved to Trenton now named De Pue, Illinois. James moved west, discovered Yosemite, and set up a trading post. The Indians traded with James because he was 1/2 Indian and he had taken Indian wives. James was a friend to the Miwok. The Indians traded much gold with James. James had 9 wood barrels of gold saved up. Because the Indians wouldn't do business with another trading post's owner he shot and killed James Savage. When the Indian found out they took revenge and killed the other trader. The gold was never found. James was my great great great Uncle.

Gary Perra
Cherry, IL
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