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Re: Black bear mauling fatality in Utah

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avatar Black bear mauling fatality in Utah
June 18, 2007 01:51PM
Sounds really odd, like the black bear in Tennessee last year. Apparently the bear has been found and shot to death in American Fork Canyon in Uinta National Forest in Utah, after dragging an 11 year old from his family's tent. I was in the area last year and went to Timpanagos Cave NM.


American Fork Canyon has been closed too:

I thought that there's never been a documented case of a fatal black bear encounter in the history of California and Nevada.
avatar Re: Black bear mauling fatality in Utah
June 18, 2007 02:14PM
Grand Teton National Park (WY)
Grizzly Attacks And Injures Visitor

Dennis Vandenbos, a 54-year-old resident of Lander, Wyoming, was injured by a grizzly bear around 6 a.m. on Wednesday, June 13th, while walking on the Wagon Road just below the corrals at Jackson Lake Lodge. Vandenbos surprised grizzly bear #399 and her three cubs, who were feeding on a freshly-killed elk carcass. The attack likely resulted from a defensive response by a bear, while protecting its food source. At this time, no adverse action will be taken against the bear involved in this incident. Vandenbos took an early morning walk at approximately 5:30 a.m. and was returning to his room at the lodge when the incident occurred. He reported watching an elk off to his right, then noticing the sow and her cubs approaching to his left, within ten feet of him. Vandenbos yelled, but one of the bears continued toward him; he yelled again, then jumped off the trail and laid on his stomach in a submissive posture. At this point, the bear inflicted puncture wounds and lacerations to Vandenbos before it was frightened off by the shouting of a Lodge Company wrangler who was nearby at the time. The wrangler administered emergency medical assistance to Vandenbos until park rangers arrived on the scene. A park ambulance then transported Vandenbos to St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson for treatment of his injuries. Park officials have posted closures for the Wagon Road and trails in the Willow Flats area below Jackson Lake Lodge. Signs state that the area is closed due to bears frequenting the vicinity. The Wagon Road and trail closures will likely be in effect until the end of June, during the remainder of the elk calving season. Sow grizzly #399 and her three yearling cubs have been utilizing habitat in and around the Willow Flats area since emerging from hibernation this spring. This bear family has frequently been visible along park roadsides between Colter Bay and the Oxbow Bend turnout of the Snake River, one mile east of Jackson Lake Junction. These are not the only bears in the area; several other bears – black and grizzly – are also utilizing habitat in this location. This is the first bear incident involving injuries in Grand Teton National Park this year. The last time a grizzly injured a person in the park was in October of 2001, when a hunter from Minnesota surprised a bear on Schoolhouse Hill north of Moran Junction. That same year, a local resident was injured by a grizzly bear in March while backcountry skiing in the Upper Berry Creek area of the park. A previous grizzly-related injury in Grand Teton happened in August of 1994, when a jogger from Utah was attacked on the Emma Matilda Lake Trail. [Submitted by Jackie Skaggs, Public Affairs Officer]

avatar Re: Black bear mauling fatality in Utah
June 18, 2007 05:28PM
i was surprised to hear of a black bear killing a human too... i just saw it on the news just now... the bear took the kid right out of his tent at 11pm. unreal! they said the bears are very hungry this year because of the lack of food...
Re: Black bear mauling fatality in Utah
June 18, 2007 06:44PM
It made me wonder if they had any food in the tent?
avatar Re: Black bear mauling fatality in Utah
June 18, 2007 08:41PM
all the kid would have to have is a stick of gum in his mouth, or even flavored Chapstick, and the bear would have entered.
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