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Who was that Half Dome Guy?

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Who was that Half Dome Guy?
July 16, 2010 01:53PM
My husband and I have joked and pondered for weeks now. As we were gripping the cables toward the summit of half dome Monday morning June 21, we only met 2 or 3 hikers coming down as we were part of the "early" crowd. I'm guessing we were there around 10am. As I was clinging for my life nervously awaiting one of the down climbers, he jumped outside the cables and breezed right past us like he does this every day. (This made me very happy as I did not have to move for him to pass by!) He was dressed in moderately nice jeans and a yellow polo shirt, tucked in none the less. I don't remember him having a backpack, maybe a waist pack?? Didn't look like he had broken a sweat the whole morning. We have been referring to him as "office casual" half dome guy. It was like this was just on his way to work or something, no big deal. Anyone have a clue who this guy was? We had watched him go up as we were preparing, I think he went up the first third outside the cables. Couldn't have stayed on top very long. And by the way...we did think he was pretty cool. Too bad there's no half dome in Kansas to climb to start my week.

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