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Re: Stoves

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August 11, 2007 12:42PM
I'm sure this topic has been talked to death, but I'm having trouble finding the right info. I've also been impressed by the helpfulness of the users of this group.

My son and I are planning on visiting Yosemite sometime next summer. We are fairly experienced backpackers, but our only experience with Yosemite was a brief family visit (and side trip to Glacier Point) a few years ago. We will fly, probably to SF and have learned that the stove/airline situation is a major hassle. I have a white gas stove that I would prefer to use. Can I mail the stove either to the Yosemite Valley or Tuolumne Meadows Post Office and have it held for pick-up there? (And maybe a few MRE's as well). And is there anywhere that we could UPS or Fedex a package to that would hold it for us. I know we could probably just get a canister stove, but I'd rather use the one I have if I can.

I'm assuming that this type of this is either very routine, or they just don't do it. I have other logistical questions as well, but this is the main one. Any suggestions?
avatar Re: Stoves
August 11, 2007 01:41PM
You should be able to put your stove in your checked luggage. This assumes that it does not have an integrated fuel tank like the Coleman single burner stoves. You can even have an empty fuel bottle in your checked baggage but leave the lid off. You can buy fuel anywhere after your arrival. If you are more comfortable with mailing the stove then send it to the TM post office marking it as a box to be picked up. Put your name on it and the date you expect to be arriving. More details about this process can be found at any number of PCT sites found using google.

Old Dude
Re: Stoves
August 11, 2007 03:15PM
I can confirm you can take your stove in checked luggage. We have flown out west the past three years: two of us with isobutane stoves and one with an MSR Whisperlite that uses white gas. My friend with the Whisperlite brings two small fuel bottles and buys gas when we arrive. No problem with the airlines. The only regret is he's been unable to find a quart or so of gas, and instead has had to spring for a full gallon!


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