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Re: mosquitoes

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July 18, 2003 10:58AM
<HTML>We are camping at Tolume M. this coming week July 21. We heard that the misquitoes were horrid during the Fourth. Please advise if it is better or this is just a bad season.

B. Adams</HTML>
avatar Re: misquitoes
July 18, 2003 11:08PM
Re: mosquitoes
July 19, 2003 09:09PM
<HTML>It might be a little late for you to get one of these, but I'm coming in mid-August and camping out in Crane Flat and I'll be bringing this new gadget (the Sunbeam Mosquito Repeller) that looks like a keyring, takes a double AA battery and sends off an low electronic signal, barely heard by humans, that Mosquitoes are terrified of. It's supposed to be the sound of a dragonfly, which kills insects. I live in Louisiana and know a good deal about mosquitoes and I try to come prepared. ha.</HTML>
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