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Re: Emerald Pool Drowning

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avatar Emerald Pool Drowning
August 05, 2003 05:17PM
<HTML>Melvin L. Paballa, 20, of Milpitas, CA tried to swim the rapid about Vernal Fall on August 4th. He went under the bank and his friends were unable to rescue him.</HTML>

Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 11, 2003 10:29PM
<HTML>Hello. I'm aquainted with the victim Melvin L. Paballa that had drowned August 4, 2003(Monday). Today (August 11, 2003) was his funeral. I began to research about Emerald Pool to see and find some kind of answer to what really happened. I have only read articles from my local newspaper and have heard by word of mouth to what has happened but still find myself still questioning it.
Was there a strong current at the time? Because from pictures I have obtained the pool seems to be very calm.
I just want to know the details of what truely happened so I can finally put this all to rest. I would truely appreciate it if you can help me out. thank you very much.</HTML>
avatar Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 11, 2003 10:42PM
<HTML>Have you ever been there? It is not a safe place to swim and there and signs warning people to stay out of the water.</HTML>

Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 12, 2003 09:57AM
<HTML>No I havent been there. The incident happened at Emerald Pool right? Well thats where I've been told. Is it possible if you can send me a picture or a link so I can see where all this happened. Thanks.</HTML>
avatar Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 12, 2003 01:44PM
Emerald Pool is just above Vernel Falls. The Merced River plunges down the Silver Apron just above the pool. Here's a link to some pictures:

avatar Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 12, 2003 05:35PM
Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
August 12, 2003 07:57PM
Re: Emerald Pool Drowning
September 03, 2003 08:49PM
<HTML>My condolences, Carol.

Some people may underestimate the power of the current at Emerald Pool, especially in the latter months of summer. As you know, Emerald Pool is above Vernal Falls, and there are a couple of bends in the river before you get to the falls, so people may think that they're safe there, but the current is very fast, the water is cold, and the granite rocks are very slippery.</HTML>

Mary Jo
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