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Happy 4th of July Paiute style – Peesha Watsukwe’yoo Tabeno Tatza Muha

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I just want to take a break from Yosemite – Mono Lake Native American history to wish everyone on the Yosemite board a Happy 4th of July (Peesha Watsukwe’yoo Tabeno Tatza Muha)

Paiute Indians in Fourth of July Parade, Tonopah, Nevada, around 1900.

Paiute men, women and children celebrating, participating in, and viewing 4th of July Independence Day parade in Tonopah (Greasewood Lake), around 1900 in 4th .

Tonobe = Greasewood

Pah (or Bah) = Lake or water

So if you put the 1st syllable of Greasewood with water in Paiute you have Tonopah, which means Greasewood Lake.

*Another side note about the 4th of July and Independence Day, the town of Independence on the Eastern Sierra Nevada, in Inyo County, is named after US Army Camp Independence (two miles north of the current town) established by Lieutenant Colonel George S. Evans on July 4, 1862. Col. Evans established the camp at the request of local settlers who feared Indian hostilities from Paiutes and Shoshones. The camp was soon closed, but was re-established as Fort Independence when hostilities resumed in 1865. The fort was finally abandoned in 1877, and it is currently a reservation for Native Americans.

Many Yosemite-Mono Lake Paiutes live in the town of Independence, which is the county seat for Inyo, California where the Bishop, Lone Pine, Big Pine and other Paiute Shoshone Colonies are located.


Chief Tenaya was the founder of the Paiute colony of Ahwanhee - Dr. Lafayette H. Bunnell.

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