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I'm heading towards Rancheria! 2 questions:

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I'm heading towards Rancheria! 2 questions:
May 01, 2008 07:11AM
I've heeded the valuable advice on the board regarding a suitable location to head out backpacking soon .. and just received my verification for the NPS for my permit to head up towards Rancheria Falls .. (and beyond?) ... from H.H. I hit the trailhead on the 17th of May!

May I please ask:

1. Judging from info I've gathered across the internet, seems the walk-across path or bridge by/under Wapama Falls can be difficult if not outright impossible, in early Spring. Is that so? Any report on the conditon here in May 2008?

2. Is travelling [eastward] along the south side of H.H. Reservoir at all possible? I see there's no trail shown on my maps ... is it completely out of the question to travel on/foot because of difficulty? .. or is it simply just not an existing trail there? I inquire about this because I am wondering if I may get there to access north-facing views for photography reasons.

If not, .. ah, no big deal ... trekking on the north rim is still part of my trip.

Thanks greatly!

avatar Re: I'm heading towards Rancheria! 2 questions:
May 01, 2008 08:56AM
You can cross the bridges at Wapama Falls under just about any time even during the big runoff in springtime. If the water is flowing at a high rate you will get wet and it will be cold. I would suggest that you have a cover for your pack. You might find the spray refreshing.

Forget about hiking on the south side. There is no trail and a cross country trek would be extremely difficult. If you want views to the north from the south side you can ask about getting into the "Lodge" grounds at the ranger station at the entrance. You should be able to hike back into the quarry area but I'm not sure about the level of difficulty.

Some good views are available from the helipad atop the hill at the backpackers campground. If you have time you can dayhike to Smith Peak for some good views from a higher elevation. Watch for the Smith Valley trailhead on the way into the dam.

Old Dude
Re: I'm heading towards Rancheria! 2 questions:
May 01, 2008 03:56PM
Many thanks ., that was all very helpful info.

Nah, I don't mind the spray .. and I do have a super good backpack cover ... I thought I had read it somewhere (hmm ... now I wonder if it was somehere if Schaeffer's guide book ...?) .. gee I don't remember ... somebody warning that it may be downright dangerous in Spring to get acoss where those falls are ...

Your info allayed some fears I had ...


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