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Re: Lady trampled by llama

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Lady trampled by llama
August 05, 2011 06:36PM
Llama attack traumatizes family
By Kelly Sinoski and Medha, Vancouver Sun August 4, 2011

Philpott grew wary as she watched a llama at Krause Berry Farm's petting zoo circling her mother, getting a bit too close.

As the animal followed France Pilotte, 75, it nibbled at her backpack, probably looking for grain she had bought at the Langley farm to feed the animals.

Then she and another witness, Christine Pendleton, said they watched in horror as the llama reared onto its hind legs and pushed Pilotte to the ground.

... Philpott said her mother was trampled. "We could hear her bones shatter as she was crushed beneath it," said Philpott. "I knew that it was very serious."

Two goats then ran over and tried to stand on top of her mother, Philpott said, and she had to pull at them by the horns to get them away.

avatar Re: Lady trampled by llama
August 05, 2011 07:26PM
Llamas in petting zoos are all psychotic. The overhandling they get makes them dangerous as we can see from this article. Usually they have been taken from their mothers at too young an age, are bottle fed, and they lose fear, and respect, of humans. They then treat humans as they would another llama. That never works out. Most of the time the llama has to be put down at a very young age.

Llamas should not be in petting zoos.
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