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Yosemite Falls

The Moon is Waning Gibbous (84% of Full)


Re: How to Survive an Accidental Plunge Over Niagara Falls Read more: How to Survive an Accidental Plunge Over Niagara Falls - Popular Mechanics

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Interesting. I am surprised that the story did not include plans for building some sort of homemade device to get over the falls safely--- personal airbag, pocket hang-glider, or water parachute.

The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.
-- Carl Sagan
I think that would take the "accidental" part out of the title.

My personal method is to stay firmly on the ground on the safe side of the guardrail. So far, so good.
I love your smiling rock picture Itchbay! I just walked past that on Tuesday. A happy end to a long day of hiking!

"It is all very beautiful and magical here - a quality which cannot be described. You have to live it and breath it., let the sun bake it into you" - Ansel Adams
FTA: "First, he says, do not panic."

Uh huh eye popping smiley
I liked the very last sentence...

"It may help to be young, strong and trained in cliff diving, but the best survival tip is to stay off the guard rails."
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