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Re: Wawona Camping

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Wawona Camping
May 19, 2008 08:05AM
Me and my family are camping for 3 nights in Wawona campsite next Tuesday (27th). What kind of temperatures can i expect there? I will have my girls (4 and 6) with me and won't be able to camp if it gets close to freezing.
avatar Re: Wawona Camping
May 19, 2008 08:24AM

Here is a link to a weather site:


The daytime temps should be very nice like in the 70s to 80s but at night it can get below 40 degrees on a regular basis. If you have comfy sleeping bags it should be no problem. Wawona is in the south end of the park and thus a little warmer than the Tuolumne Meadows area. The altitude makes a difference also. Wawona is at about 4000' vs 8600' for TM.

Old Dude
avatar Re: Wawona Camping
May 19, 2008 08:33AM
Here is the NOAA forecast for the area around Wawona:

Note to all the forum people: if you move your cursor to another spot on the website map and left-click, the red square will move to that area and modify the forecast accordingly (observe change in elevation and map co-ordinates). You do not need a degree in Computer Science to do this yourself.

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Voice of the Rocky Marmot Empire
avatar Re: Wawona Camping
May 19, 2008 12:25PM
I'd just note that sleeping bag temperature ratings aren't terribly consistent between manufacturers, and sometimes between bags from the same manufacturers. Some bags are rated to be comfortable at the rated temperature with minimal clothing, while (in my experience) most are rated for use with clothing to keep someone alive although not necessarily comfortable. You'll just have to try them out to see what feels right.

I find that women/girls typically don't take lower temperatures as well as men (ask my wife how I know). Therm-a-Rest sells their women's sleeping pad versions with more insulation overall, and even more in the torso and feet (areas where women are generally more sensitive to cold). They cut out "stars" in the men's versions evenly throughout the length, but do so less in the women's versions in certain areas.

When I went camping with my wife, she brought along a supposedly 30°F rated sleeping bag. Overnight temps were about 40°F, and she was miserable. I pulled out my backpacking sleeping bag I used earlier in the trip, and she used that inside her bag. Be sure to bring extra clothing layers. Some sort of long synthetic underwear can help. You might want to layer them as it might get colder between 1-5 AM, and might start warming up in early morning. Bring along some wool or synthetic beanie hats to wear while your family sleeps. Keeping your ears and head warm goes a long way towards comfort when it gets down into the 40's.
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