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Re: Summer Crowds

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Summer Crowds
June 10, 2008 05:22PM
Has anyone noticed if the cost of gas has:
-had an impact on the summer crowds and the general price of goods and services in the park
-impacted the amount RV vs tent camping
-made more visitors park their cars and ride the free valley floor shuttle

avatar Re: Summer Crowds
June 10, 2008 05:55PM
Weekend before last the crowds seemed light and I noticed more tents than usual in the Valley campgrounds.

Re: Summer Crowds
June 11, 2008 07:06AM
eeek wrote:

> Weekend before last the crowds seemed light and I noticed more
> tents than usual in the Valley campgrounds.

I hope you're right. Memorial Day Weekend was an utter zoo, the worst I'd ever seen it.

Wilderness forever,
Bruce Jensen
Re: Summer Crowds
June 11, 2008 07:47AM
The week before Memorial Day weekend, campgrounds were completely full, but there were a lot more tents and noticeably fewer giant RV's than I've been used to seeing.

Easter week this year (end of March) was still pretty cool and there were some spaces available each day; quite a few camper-type vehicles, but not quite as many huge ones (unfortunately we were near a group of vehicles that thought "sparing use of auxiliaries" meant that they shut it off before midnight, and didn't start it up until at least 6AM). In comparison, last year's Easter week was packed with gigantic motor homes and fifth wheels, people bringing portable garages, barbecue pits on wheels, and what looked like everything they owned. So overall, I'd say attendance is normal but a bit more modest in what they haul along.

I didn't notice any difference (yet) in the price of goods, and there are still way too many cars, trucks, and RV's driving by between the campgrounds and the stores.

The shuttle can take a long time if you're coming from the campground to the Lodge, for example, so I can see why people skip it and drive (which I've done myself at times, though unless it's dark, a bike is my choice). Even when they're running frequently (which they aren't in off-season), you really have to plan ahead or miss something that's on a schedule. I wish they'd cut out the Ahwahnee loop and just have a smaller shuttle for that specifically, as it diverts every shuttle and adds quite a bit to the time of the route.

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