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People, place, or fish?

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People, place, or fish?
November 01, 2011 02:50PM
Which do you prefer
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I vote for beauty: who cares if it attracts more people?6
Nope--part of the charm is the solitude5
If the fish are biting, who cares?0

Ok—quick and simple question. When it comes to backcountry destinations, do you aim for the most beautiful spot on the planet, even though there may be a few other groups camped around the edges? Or would you prefer someplace ever so slightly less scenic—but without another camper within five miles?

Or does it even matter, if the fish are biting?

In our case, I think we would aim for the less-peopled destination.


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avatar Re: People, place, or fish?
November 01, 2011 03:37PM
Since I'm into photography, I prefer the more photogenic locations. I don't mind a few other people camping nearby, as long as it's only a relative few.

But it's a bit of a moot question in regards to Yosemite, because in the Yosemite backcountry you can often have both, incredible beauty AND solitude. So at least when it comes to Yosemite, it is NOT an either or proposition.
Re: People, place, or fish?
November 04, 2011 10:46AM
I find this topic interesting. I voted for more beauty but also agree with the Plawrence sentiment that these things are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But after all, since this is a Yosemite website, I would be somewhat surprised if folks here were not willing to tolerate a few extra people.

But I am curious about what people mean by solitude. I can find solitude or would consider it solitude if I am hiking on a trail and pass another party every once in a while. Or if I am camping on the other side of a lake from another party. Does this go back to that crazy conversation about how sometimes people just won't leave you alone?

But to take it another extreme: I can be perfectly content and in "solitude" in the "Quiet Car" of the Commuter Train on the way to work in Chicago. Weeks will go by where I simply find my seat on the train with a good book and read without being bothered or spoken to by anyone.
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