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Ranger Margaret Anderson Remembered

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avatar Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 01, 2012 05:40PM
Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting

MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Washington (AP) — A Mount Rainier National Park ranger was fatally shot Sunday following a routine traffic stop, and authorities closed the 368-square-mile (953-square-kilometer) park in Washington state as they searched for the gunman, a park spokeswoman said.

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Re: Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 01, 2012 06:21PM
A very sad story...

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Re: Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 01, 2012 07:06PM
Really sad. Terrible way to start the new year. Thoughts to her family and young children.
avatar Person of Interest Named
January 01, 2012 10:40PM

A Pierce County sheriff's spokesman told Seattle's KIRO-7 news that law enforcement had named Benjamin Colton Barnes, 24, as a person of interest who could be involved in the shooting and who may be heavily armed with assault rifles and body armor.

The King County Sheriff's office said the same man was also wanted for questioning in a shooting at a New Year's party earlier in the day at a house in Skyway, just outside of Seattle, in which four people were shot and wounded.

"Witnesses said multiple persons at the party were armed and had a "show and tell" with their guns," the sheriff's office said in a statement, adding that a shootout erupted following an argument over a weapon.

Excerpted from article

*beginning of article is a re-cap of earlier events -- see end of article.
avatar Re: Person of Interest Named
January 02, 2012 05:25AM
Very sorrowful tragedy that seems stranger with each news report.

The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.
-- Carl Sagan
Re: Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 02, 2012 11:58AM
Apparently some reports are coming in that they found what appears to be a dead body with no heat signature and the police think it is the suspect, but no confirmation yet.
avatar Ranier gunnman's body might have been found
January 02, 2012 03:06PM
Rainier gunman's body might have been found

MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, Washington (AP) — A plane searching the slopes of Mount Rainier National Park for an Iraq War veteran suspected in the slaying of a park ranger found a body believed to be his lying face down in chest-deep snow Monday, authorities said.

It could be several hours before authorities reach the body. While they haven't identified the body, they believe it is that of 24-year-old Benjamin Colton Barnes.

More here

The body betrays and the weather conspires, hopefully, not on the same day.
avatar NPS Mourns Loss of Ranger Anderson
January 03, 2012 01:17PM
Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Ranger Margaret Anderson, Mt. Rainier National Park, killed in the line of duty on New Years Day. Black bands are authorized and encouraged to support the loss of a member of the National Park family. Four Yosemite staff have been deployed to assist with the incident. Please see the message from the PWR Regional Director below. To get some sense of the loss of those in public safety work, go to the Officer Down Memorial Page at http://odmp.org. Ranger Anderson’s death is the second public law enforcement fatality already in 2012; there were 164 fatalities last year.

Charles Cuvelier and Don Neubacher

Dear Pacific West Region Colleagues,

Yesterday, on the first day of the new year, we lost one of our own. Ranger Margaret Anderson, 34, was shot and killed on the road to Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park, while performing her duties.

The shooter fled into the woods. Park staff, in coordination with local law enforcement and the FBI, took immediate actions to pursue the shooter and ensure everyone's safety. Late last night and into the early morning hours today, they safely and successfully evacuated over 150 visitors and staff from this area of the park. The search for the shooter continued until this afternoon when tactical teams located his body. The park staff have demonstrated great courage, leadership, and fortitude during this trying incident. I'd like to thank everyone who assisted in this effort.

Margaret's husband Eric is also a park ranger at Mount Rainier, and their family includes two children. I ask all of you to keep the Anderson family and the park staff in your thoughts and hearts as we move forward. Plans for Ranger Anderson's memorial are pending.

For those wishing to share thoughts, memories and express condolences for Ranger Anderson, you might want to check out the Officer Down Memorial Page: Honoring All of Law Enforcement's Heroes at http://www.odmp.org/

This story is being covered on InsideNPS and updates will be posted as they are made available. More details about the incident can be found on-line and below.

Take care everyone, and thank you for your support of our dear colleagues at Mount Rainier.

Chris Lehnertz
avatar Ranger Margaret Anderson Remembered
January 07, 2013 04:32PM
Mount Rainier held a service of remembrance for Ranger Margaret Anderson on January 1st, one year after she was tragically shot and killed during a traffic stop on the road to Paradise.

Park staff and visitors who were involved in the lockdown during the manhunt for her killer gathered together to honor and remember Margaret. Stories and memories of Margaret were shared by Ranger Jordan Mammel, Chief Ranger Chuck Young and Superintendent Randy King. “Taps” and “Amazing Grace” were played on the bagpipes by Interpretive Ranger Scott McLean. Attendees were given long-stemmed pink roses to place at temporary memorials located at Longmire and Paradise.

Following the service held in the rustic Longmire Community Building, a ceremonial raising and lowering of the flag to half-staff was held outside the Old Station at Paradise. Throughout the day the snow-covered mountain stood out against a brilliant blue sky, ice and snow crystals sparkled in the sun, and visitors flocked to the park to play in the snow; a fitting tribute to Margaret. We hold Margaret and her family in our hearts forever. We will never forget.

The park is reviewing three designs for a permanent Ranger Memorial to honor all Mount Rainier staff who have lost their own lives to save the lives of others. Nick Hall, Phil Otis, and Sean Ryan will all be honored in addition to Margaret. Possible locations include the Paradise Jackson Visitor Center, Longmire, and the Twin Firs trail. Ideally the memorial will be complete by National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day on May 15th, depending on the site selected and environmental and cultural compliance approvals.
Re: Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 03, 2012 01:31PM
This is very unfortunate. Humans can be so violent and dangerous. No other living creatures commit such acts. We are the most dangerous on earth, by far.
Re: Ranger killed in Mount Rainier Nat'l Park shooting
January 21, 2012 07:16AM
This is very unfortunate. Humans can be so violent and dangerous. No other living creatures commit such acts. We are the most dangerous on earth, by far.

I agree that this was a tragedy, but no other living creatures commit such acts? If you mean using guns then I agree. The animal kingdom is full of practices that would make you sick if a human did them. A male lion will kill the cubs of a female to bring her into heat so he can mate with her. Baboons will commit infanticide then cannibalize the baby, killer whales kill when they are not hungry just to practice, ants have wars and enslavement, Dolphins... Need I go on?
avatar Suspect In Ranger Killing Found Dead
January 03, 2012 06:23PM
Mount Rainier National Park (WA)
Suspect In Ranger Killing Found Dead

Ranger Margaret Anderson, 34, was shot and killed on the road to Paradise at Mount Rainier National Park on New Year's Day morning. The body of her assailant, Benjamin Barnes, who fled into the backcountry, was found by searchers yesterday afternoon.

The intensive manhunt for Barnes came to an end when searchers in an aircraft spotted a body lying face down and partially submerged in the Paradise River in the vicinity of Narada Falls. Searchers on the ground traversed challenging terrain to reach the spot and confirmed that it was Barnes and that he was dead.

An investigation into the incident is being led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation with park rangers and Pierce County Sheriff's Department officers assisting. The Western Incident Management Team (Denny Ziemann, IC) is en route to the park to assist with planning a memorial service for Anderson and with ongoing park needs. Information on the service will be posted on InsideNPS once it becomes available.

The park will remain closed to the public through today to let staff begin to work through their grief.

On the morning of January 1st, Anderson set up a traffic block to intercept a vehicle that had failed to stop at a chain-up checkpoint. The driver, Benjamin Barnes, opened fire on Anderson, killing her, and then fled on foot into the woods. Anderson had worked at Mount Rainier for three years. She is survived by her husband, Eric, also a ranger in the park, and by two young children.

Mount Rainier National Park closed during the hunt for the gunman, with the park evacuating park visitors to get them out of potential danger. There were 125 visitors in lockdown at the Paradise Visitor Center from Sunday noon until 3:30 a.m. on Monday. They were escorted out of the park in small groups of five vehicles, accompanied by law enforcement officers. There were also 25 visitors at the National Park Inn at Longmire who were evacuated out of the park. Visitors had been held at these locations for their own safety.

Approximately 200 personnel were involved in search operations on Monday, January 2nd. Agencies participating in the search effort included the National Park Service, Pierce County Sheriff's Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Tacoma Police Department, Washington State Patrol, Customs & Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Forest Service, Pierce County Fire Districts, Lewis County Sheriff's Department, Enumclaw PD, Portland PD, Seattle PD, Snohomish PD, and law enforcement officers from other jurisdictions as well. Resources included K-9 units, armored vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

Director Jarvis issued this statement early on Monday morning:

"Yesterday morning, Park Ranger Margaret Anderson was shot and killed while making a traffic stop at Mount Rainier National Park. As I write this late Sunday night, the murderer is still at large in the park, which has been closed. We are working closely with the FBI and local law enforcement to protect visitors and staff and to track down Margaret's killer and bring him to justice.

"This is a heartbreaking, senseless tragedy. Margaret was just 34 years old. She and her husband Eric, who is also a park ranger at Mount Rainier, have two young children. Margaret was killed while doing her job - protecting the visiting public on one of the park's busiest days of the year.

"Last week, we mourned the death of U.S. Park Police Officer Mike Boehm, who suffered a heart attack while responding to a serious incident in Washington, DC. Mike left behind a wife and a son.

"Our hearts go out to both families, and I ask you to keep them in your thoughts and prayers in the hard days ahead.

"As updates from Rainier are available we will share them with all employees through InsideNPS. These losses are painful reminders of the risks faced by National Park Service employees every day. Please be careful out there and watch out for each other."
avatar Support Pours In For Anderson Family, Park Staff
January 04, 2012 02:47PM
Mount Rainier National Park (WA)
Support Pours In For Anderson Family, Park Staff

Family and park staff are receiving an overwhelming outpouring of support in the aftermath of the horrific events surrounding the fatal shooting of Ranger Margaret Anderson. The support of park employees and Margaret’s family is now the primary focus of park management.

Several teams have been brought in to provide assistance and relief to park staff – a CISM team of six lead by Dirk Wiley, SETT Team 3, and the Western IMT lead by Denny Ziemann and Kevin Killian. Additional staff and resources from several national parks and agencies continue to provide assistance. The park continues to work with the FBI and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department on the investigation into the incident.

The park is reopening to the public on Saturday, January 7th, after remaining closed since the day of the shooting. The park family is using the time during the closure to begin the recovery.

Plans for a memorial service next week are underway with the date to be determined. Details on how to make donations to a fund set up in her name will also appear as soon as particulars are sorted out.
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