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Yosemite Valley

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Re: Tioga Rd. / North Rim planning - water & transport

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avatar Tioga Rd. / North Rim planning - water & transport
September 16, 2008 11:50AM
I'm planning a 3 night tour from Olmstead Pt. - Mt. Watkins - Snow Creek - Yosemite Falls - Yosemite Creek - Porcupine Flat for Sep. 27 - 30 and have two questions:

- The NPS web site says Yosemite Falls is dry; will I be able to get water from Snow Creek, Lehamite Creek and Yosemite Creek (both near the falls and up closer to 120)?

- Any suggestions for getting transportation from 120 where Yosemite Creek crosses (or maybe Porcupine Flat) back to Olmstead Point?

All I can come up with is hitchhiking; the tour bus from the valley to Tuolumne Meadows won't stop to pick me up, the YARTS bus runs along there but won't stop either, and the T Meadows shuttle doesn't go west of Olmstead Point. I might just drop into the Valley from Yose Falls, overnight there, and take the tour bus back. Thanks!
avatar Re: Tioga Rd. / North Rim planning - water & transport
September 16, 2008 02:00PM
All 3 of those creeks will have "some" water. i.e. enough for you to fill up your water bottles... some small pools at least...

If you are hiking up Yosemite Creek and then up the trail.. (the old Tioga Rd to Porc Flat...) be aware that that trail is not maintained.
I would recommend hiking back to the North Dome TH whichever way you
like and beg for a ride. Since you are finishing on a Tues your chances
are probably better there than at the Ten Lakes/Yose Creek TH.
i.e. Dayhikers....

Have fun. Mt. Watkins is awesome... nice views:
avatar Re: Tioga Rd. / North Rim planning - water & transport
September 16, 2008 04:24PM
That's great - thanks! Looks like the option of dropping down to the Valley is out - the T Meadows Hikers / Tour bus stops running on Sep. 21st.
avatar Re: Tioga Rd. / North Rim planning - water & transport
September 18, 2008 03:57AM
There is no reason for not droppng down into the valley. If you hike out on the Yosemite Creek trail from the valley and stay to the left of the Yosemite Creek campaground you will come out at the Lunkins Lake/Yosemite Creek trailhead. The are usually day hikers to Lukins and that trailhead has a major parking lot. You should be able to hitch a ride from there. Bathe at Yosemite Creek just before the junction to the campground so you look nice and fresh to potential rides.
Like Bill-e-g says, the trail from Yosemite Creek campground to 120 near Procupine Flat is a bugger. Not a good way to finish your hike.

You could also reverse the direction of your hike and come out at Olmsted. Lots o cars there. Plus you get to go UP the Snow Creek trail.

Old Dude
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