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TM shuttle bus

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avatar TM shuttle bus
September 17, 2008 06:21AM
From your experiences how flexible are the Toulumne Meadow shuttle bus drivers to doing pick-ups and drop-offs at unscheduled points along their route? Example: Official stops are made at east end of Tenaya Lake and west end at Sunrise Lakes trailhead. Would they occomodate a stop at Murphy Creek trailhead halfway between? In this case I'm thinking more about a drop-off.


avatar Re: TM shuttle bus
September 17, 2008 08:28AM
It is my experience that the drivers often accomodate requests for special stops. I have not tried to "flag one down" between posted shuttle stops however. My impression was that they would drop you off as requested if there was adequate shoulder on the road. I would not expect them to stop in the middle of Tioga Pass Road to pick someone up.

You may want to check the current schedule as the TM shuttle probably will terminate soon if it has not already been discontinued for the season.


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avatar Re: TM shuttle bus
September 17, 2008 12:24PM

No problem. I live on the east coast and will not be back until next July. Actually, my wife and I had experience flagging one down this year. He had just left the Dog Lake parking lot heading west when we ran out from the trail and waved at him to stop. He immediately stopped for us but this was a quiet area on a side road instead of Tioga Road.

One of the trips I plan to take next year is Waterwheel Falls. Initially I was going to start at the stables towards Glen Aulin. To make it more interesting and avoid covering the same ground twice I've decided to just park there and take the shuttle to the Murphy Creek trail and approach Glen Aulin that way, perhaps spending my first night near McGee Lake. Getting dropped off at the trailhead would save me a half mile walk along the highway.


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