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Dogwood bloom in Yosemite Valley

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Re: Day Hike suggestions

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Day Hike suggestions
March 08, 2005 05:27PM
<HTML>Last 4 years have done the following long Yosemite day hikes with family in early June:
Panorama Trail (2004)
Cloud's Rest (2003)
Yosemite Falls (2002)
Half Dome (2001)

I'm looking for suggestions for other "similar" hikes for this year - I know none of these can be duplicated, but am interested in some "favorites" you might have, especially ones with views.</HTML>
avatar Re: Day Hike suggestions
March 09, 2005 09:04AM
<HTML>Waterwheel Falls from Tuoulumne Meadows if the road is open.</HTML>

Re: Day Hike suggestions
March 13, 2005 06:39PM
<HTML>Hi Jim,
A nice day hike is from the Lukens Lake Trailhead (up on Tioga Road) to the top of Yosemite Falls. It is "relatively" flat compared to walking up to the Falls from the valley floor. You are walking down TO the falls and back UP to your car, but the trail does not have the steepness of the hike up to the Falls. It's longer, but really an easy day hike. I like to have my lunch and maybe even a little nap up on the granite walls looking down on Yosemite Creek. What a beautiful view. You may only see a few other hikers all day, but this hike is one of my favorites. The trail is easy to folllow.

You follow Yosemite Creek as it runs down to the Falls part of the way and you will have some excellent scenery and places to take some great pictures.

Some people get a ride or take a bus up to the trailhead, hike to Yosemite Falls, then go straight down the last 3.2 miles to the Valley floor. That way they don't have to go back 7-8 miles uphill. I've done both.

My only caveat: If you go early this season with the snowfall, you may have to cross two minor streams. I always take off my boots and socks, but other than that I've never had any problems crossing over them. If you go later in the summer, the water is all gone (usually). I've also ran into mild mosquito annoyance some years. Not always. It's a great day hike IMO.</HTML>

Re: Day Hike suggestions
March 13, 2005 06:50PM
<HTML>Hi again Jim,

I have posted a link below from the 1998 Backpacker magazine titled "Where Windshield Tourists Fear to Tread."

Not only is it a nice article, but it details some hikes similar to the ones you have mentioned. I've never done any of them, but I plan to this summer with my wife. After I read this about Mt. Hoffman and what Muir said about the view, I can't wait to give it a try. From the article (page 4):

"The Valley to Mt. Hoffman

Exit the Yosemite Valley via Snow Creek Trail to May Lake. Muir approached the peak on a cross-country route from Porcupine Flat, but thick brush makes the climb from May Lake a better option. Follow trails to Tenaya Lake, Clouds Rest, Nevada Fall, and Happy Isles. "From Mt. Hoffman nearly all the Yosemite Park is displayed like a map," wrote Muir. "

This is the link:


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