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Tuolumne Meadows and Lembert Dome during a summer storm, Yosemite National Park

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Fate of Curry Village?

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Fate of Curry Village?
October 31, 2008 10:28PM
Last week I went to have a look at the rockfall damage to the Curry cabins, and was surprised to find most of the Curry lodging blocked off and not in use

As I was leaving (couldn't get back to see the rockfall area) a group of official-looking folks were apparently going in for a look:

With most of Curry's lodging not in use, that's a pretty serious hit for available places to stay. Seems like a real dilemma when they've actually intentionally put cabins in places like this

where I've always wondered how anyone could sleep there, in the midst of rocks that fell where they sit.

How will they rent these cabins now...with a waiver and warning that it's in a rockfall zone? If they just open them back up, and there's another worse rockfall, wouldn't that make them somewhat liable? Will anybody want to stay there? (probably)

A ranger said they're in the process of deciding what to do. I avoid Curry except for getting a shower (only one shower house usable now, but so few cabins that it's less crowded), but a lot of folks like to stay there, and the in-park alternatives can be pretty pricey and hard to get. So I just wondered if anyone knows what they're thinking of doing with the situation.

Maybe those cabins can be picked up and moved (somewhere) out of the rockfall zone(?) The tent cabins could, of course, if there's a place to put them.

It could get even harder to get a campsite...8^)

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avatar Re: Fate of Curry Village?
October 31, 2008 11:14PM
Well - I remember camping in Mt Rainier, where there were clearly marked warnings that we were in a "geologically active area". They definitely let us know we were in a place with risks.

As for the cabins, I recall at Colter Bay in Grand Teton, we stayed in some really old can classy cabins. Colter Bay was actually "reclaimed" (I doubt the NPS does that sort of thing any more) from Jackson Lake in the 60's. The cabins were relocated from an site that was built in the 20's but later condemned. The are really some classic-style log cabins. The Curry Village cabins seem to be more a basic budget-style accomodation.
avatar Re: Fate of Curry Village?
November 01, 2008 05:11PM
None of those cabins belong in Yosemite Valley. Good riddance.

But that won't happen. Everyone in the above photo will make sure they still live there.
Re: Fate of Curry Village?
November 02, 2008 07:36PM
We have been going to Curry for 36 years (camped some years) and always enjoyed the huge boulders around our tent cabins (kids had lots of fun on them). They've had other rock slides in Curry in the past. It's a part of nature. Those of us who love it there will keep taking that risk. (I suppose I would feel differently if it did happen when I was there.) Can't imagine Yosemite Valley without the Curry Village tent cabins. I was just there couple of weeks after the slide and couldn't stay in my favorite tent cabin, but hopefully will in the spring.
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