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Re: 1st time to yosemite w/ small children

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1st time to yosemite w/ small children
January 28, 2009 12:18AM
My hubby and I are planning a 7 day camping trip in August. We are looking at trying to get a spot at north pines. What our concern has become in the last few days is after reading the list of what to put in the bear box, we are concerned because of our youngest. She will still be in diapers and most likely still nursing. Should we put off our trip one more year?
avatar Re: 1st time to yosemite w/ small children
January 28, 2009 06:40AM
You'll want to put everything you are not actually using in the bear box. If you are cooking, eating, nursing, changing the baby, or personally at your campsite there isn't anything to worry about. Bears are very fair minded when it come to who owns what. It you have it in your possession they leave it alone. If you leave it out and wander off then they will take it and assume ownership. This all assumes that there will even be a bear around to make problems.

Don't let the high level of bear publicity bother you as it is way over blown. But if you don't follow the storage rules you will be inviting a bear visit especially at night.

Don't put your trip off.

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Old Dude
Re: 1st time to yosemite w/ small children
January 28, 2009 08:21AM
Totally agree with Mike. Your post wasn't too clear, are you saying you are concerned because you will need to have "food" out at night to feed your baby? Or are you just generally concerned about bear safety? Either way, you really have nothing to worry about in a developed and way overpopulated campground.

Be sure you are ready to get your spot the moment the on-sale for your target date starts. North Pines is very popular and will sell out in probably 10-15 minutes.
Re: 1st time to yosemite w/ small children
January 28, 2009 02:53PM
It was more out of concern for food out later at night as our youngest is a night owl! It seems like the bear issue is actually better than a few sites we've stayed at then. Once we were less than 5 feet away from one and didn't know. She was sniffing our table even though it was cleaned for the night and everything secured. Here we are at our campfire, and hear her. Fearless little thing. Apparently the bears in that area have a "pattern" that the rangers watch closely...

My husband stated concerns about the popularity of the site to me as well. Hopefully, we'll get close to where we'd like to be. We just can't wait to take the family there. Thanks for the quick responses!
Re: 1st time to yosemite w/ small children
January 28, 2009 08:15PM
We've taken my grandson to Upper Pines several times, while he was still on a bottle. If you bottle-feed, I'd leave the milk, formula or whatever right in the front of the bear box for easy access at 3AM 8^).

My daughter once got up to refill a bottle and spilled a small amount on top of the bear box. At that time of night, she just ignored it. Later I heard a noise, and looked out, and on top of the bear box was a bear, happily lapping up the spill.

Just keep a trash bag for the diapers, and put it in the box.

Occasionally a bear will get pretty brave. When I was there in October, some folks in a nearby campsite were eating dinner at the table. A bear jumped on the table, grabbed their bag of chips, and ran off with it.

(the traps were set the next night...that's usually not tolerated behavior)

So keep the smaller kids close, for various reasons, but doing that, everything should be fine.

If you're going in early August, at 7AM on March 15 I'd suggest you have the website already open to the campground you want, credit card in hand, a site map handy, and have already decided on a favorite few spots or areas. If in later August, the same but on April 15. Ten minutes late and you probably will get a site, but maybe not, or not where you wanted.

Upper pines is nice too, and closer to the shuttle bus for any after-dark returns to camp. (so if you hit a snag getting in at North Pines, don't hesitate to take Upper Pines; frankly, I like it better, but they're both fine.

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