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Re: Lurker with a question

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Lurker with a question
January 28, 2009 10:05AM
Hi everyone,
I plan on being in the valley on 2/15 - the day reservations open for June-July valley campsites. My question is, can I make reservations onsite? Like at the little green hut at the back of Curry parking lot? Is there anyway possible or should I reschedule my Feb trip? Our June trip is super important to the family.
avatar Re: Lurker with a question
January 28, 2009 10:37AM
Could you give a little more info on your style of camping please? If you want to be close to showers, restaurants, book stores, etc. then camping on the valley floor is important. If you can get by with more rustic accommodations and don't mind a short drive to get to the valley floor then there are other options besides the valley floor.

If Highway 120 is open and Glacier Point Road is open then there are several first-come-first-served campgrounds that would work. If the winter is as dry as it seems to be heading then I'm sure the roads will be open by mid June.

Check out these campgrounds:
Porcupine Flat
Tamarack Flat
Yosemite Creek
White Wolf
Crane Flat

Tuolumne Meadows has a reputation for riotousness.

Tamarack Flat, Porcupine Flat, and Yosemite Creek are in the middle of some great trails if hiking is on your menu.

Old Dude
Re: Lurker with a question
January 28, 2009 10:45AM
We have a bazillion kids so we always do the valley in June (yes, we're **those** people). I always get a spot because I'm super diligent about getting ready the night before. I realized that we'll actually be in Yosemite on 2/15, camping and snowboarding up at Badger. I can push it off a couple of days if there's no real way to make reservations while I am there. Ideas? Thanks!!
avatar Re: Lurker with a question
January 28, 2009 11:58AM
Is that office even open this time of year? I thought it was for getting a campsite during the peak season if there are cancellations. Certainly campsites in the winter are first-come, first served.
Re: Lurker with a question
January 28, 2009 08:30PM
I don't believe you can make reservations from that office; to do so, they'd have to access the website and be prepared for the mad rush days, and I just don't think they'd do that.

You could try 209-372-8502 which may get you through to that office, and ask.

Since you asked for ideas, if you can take a night off and go in to Oakhurst, spend the night at one of several motels with broadband internet access. If you don't have a laptop, the Days Inn at least has a couple of computers in the lobby (I suppose you'd want to get there early so someone isn't using it to chat 8^) Most of them will have reliable internet access there.

Or, you could drive to Yosemite Lodge and get internet access there from a laptop. Just be sure to check it first, their connection may need you to buy a day's access, or it may not and you can just connect. I'm not sure I'd trust their connection though, if it's a really important trip.

They're pretty reasonabe in February; $50-60 seems like it would be worth it instead of canceling your February trip.

Yosemite Photo Galleries: http://www.pbase.com/roberthouse/yo
Re: Lurker with a question
January 29, 2009 09:33AM
Thanks Sierrafan! That's great advice. I wondered about the green hut being open and I guess I kind of knew it wouldn't be open. I think we'll try Oakhurst for a night - my husband loves that saloon. :-) Thanks again!
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