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Re: Napa Earthquake

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Napa Earthquake
August 25, 2014 11:32AM
Yes, we’ve had some damage due to the earthquake yesterday morning in Napa. The office is open today, and we are cleaning up a few broken bottles of wine, putting bookshelves back, and generally tidying this up. Our computers are working, our internet connection is fine, and we are open for business.

Some of our staff were hit harder than others. The worst seems to be downtown near the office, where my house had severe damage to the plaster walls, and everything ended up on the floor. The kitchen was a particular mess, with broken wine glasses and food on the floor. And the wine cellar lost some very nice bottles….very sad.

But we are all fine, healthy. Schools in Napa are closed today, as are many businesses, but we are all cleaning up, putting things back, and getting our lives into order again.

Here’s a link to the photos from my house, if you are interested:



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avatar Re: Napa Earthquake
August 26, 2014 10:08AM
Glad to hear that the two of you are okay.

Did you hear about the earthquake on the radio or elsewhere before you arrived back to your home? When I saw that the earthquake struck near the communities of Vallejo, American Canyon and the City of Napa, I knew those area would be hard hit. A 6.0 earthquake is a major earthquake for those who live close to the epicenter. Fortunately no one appears to have lost their life due to this earthquake, though in other parts of the world, a 6.0 earthquake could result in a major loss of life. We can the thank the stringent California building codes for this, plus the fact it struck when most people were sleeping in homes (which tend to be more earthquake proof than some of the old commercial unreinforced masonry buildings still standing around the state (when tend to be death traps during earthquakes)).

Hope you took advantage of California's earthquake insurance program for your home.
Re: Napa Earthquake
August 26, 2014 10:15PM
We heard about the quake when a friend called my cell phone at 6:30 on Sunday morning asking if we were OK. We were at our cabin above Sonora, and pretty much dead to the world. So we hopped in our car and headed home to find themes.

Nope, don't have earthquake insurance. The premiums are still high, and the very high deductibles only kick in if you house has massive damage. I'd put ours at under $10K...maybe less. That's way less than the deductible would be.


follow our adventures, read our blog, or just to come hang out at our website: http://www.backpackthesierra.com/
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