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Re: Hawaii: Big Island

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Hawaii: Big Island
May 04, 2015 04:41PM
I know there have been a few trip reports in Hawaii posted here but I think they have all been Maui. Anyone have experience on the Big Island or can find any reports already posted? Trip is next spring so I've got some time to research but I just trust people on this site for good trips.
avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 04, 2015 04:50PM
A couple from the blops:



I have done neither of those... but a number of other treks on Z Big Island.
I'd have to look them up though... I can do that later in the week.
It was so easy to get off the beaten path and have a great hike... but I would
say that about Oahu too...

If Z blops don't see this... I will prod them to respond with more.

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 04, 2015 05:04PM
This was a poor first post. I just spent several minutes reading the reports I thought were in Maui from Basibop. I will look closer at those and come back with more intelligent questions. If you hadn't responded already, I would delete it! Thank you much for your quickness. I'm really looking for a possibly long day hike involving waterfalls...
avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 04, 2015 05:37PM
No problem...

If you don't already have it... I highly recommend just buying this book:

The great thing about Hawaii is that all the beaches are public.... or close to... or something like that:

Which means that a snorkel trip to say, Capt. Cooks Monument... can be had for free if you are willing
to walk the walk... so to say...

Have fun planning

Chick-on is looking at you!
Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 05, 2015 09:12AM
Thanks all for the starting info. Big Island Revealed is already in shipping a few days ago and should be here very soon!
avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 04, 2015 06:44PM
Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 06, 2015 09:10AM
I did a massive amount of research before my trip a few months ago and came up with this as the best hike on the Big Island. It truly delivered and was an amazing day hike (but would have been better as a backpacking trip).

Waimanu Valley (Muliwai Trail) --

I did a second hike there, but haven't yet finished up the trip report. Here is my blog entry about the hike. I'll post the link here when I finish the trip report so you can read more details.

Napau Trail (Hawaii Volcanoes NP) --
avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 06, 2015 09:31PM
I did a night hike though (cooled) lava fields out to near where the lava flows into the ocean on the south side of the Big Island, probably 15 years ago. Have a buddy whose brother had been a naturalist at Volcanos National Park, who gave us all of the info we needed to be safe. Definitely one of the half dozen or so most memorable hiking experiences that I have had in my life.

If you decide to research this...its certainly not for the faint hearted and I have no idea what the conditions are now and if it is even a possibility to get near where the lava flows into the ocean. But if it is...walking through hardened, chunky black lava at night...well, its like every step the rock tries to grab you and trip you. Bring hiking poles to keep your balance, and as much light as you can carry. One headlamp didn't provide as much depth of field as I would have liked...maybe a headlamp and knuckle lights or a belt level light or something like that would be good.

I will never forget the warm wind, the glow of the lava, the steam, and the smell. It was pretty cool.
avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 16, 2015 08:33AM
We've visited the Big Island on several occasions usually during September. Rains can be heavy during the springtime. Sights not to be missed are Volcano National Park, Anaehoomalu Beach (AKA ABAY), Green Sand Beach, hike down to Pololu, hike across the Kilauea Iki crater and our favorite location for the absolute serenity - Pu'uhonua o Honaunau at sunset.

avatar Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 16, 2015 12:47PM
Sights not to be missed are Volcano National Park

Tiltmeters at KÄ«lauea's summit continue to record tilt in a different direction than is usually associated with summit inflation and deflation, and seismicity rates in the southern part of the summit area and upper southwest rift zone remain elevated.

Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 18, 2015 09:32PM
On the "Wild, Wild East" side of the island you'll find the part hippie communities. Not safe in some places:

On the west side of the island are some of the most expensive homes in the state:

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Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 15, 2016 09:09PM
I recently returned from hiking in Maui and Molokai, so I thought I should go ahead and publish the full report of the Napau Trail and Naulu Trail loop hike (as I referenced in my post above). This is another good hike for those visiting the Big Island.

Napau Trail & Naulu Trail (Hawaii Volcanoes NP) --
Re: Hawaii: Big Island
May 16, 2016 12:37AM
I'm so sorry for not reporting on this final trip.

My family and I took this amazing trip in March. I suppose I would say I didn't do much "hiking" per say but it truly was an amazing trip...

World Class snorkeling with sea turtles and every amazing fish you can name
Hiking at Volcano National Park---small 2 hour hike through a crater and Lava Tube
Glow of Volcano at night! Awesome experience
Helicopter Ride over volcano included seeing running lava and forest fires at edge of lava fields
Surfing lessons with my son for the first time
Golfing with my other son

And finally my favorite:
Cliff Jumping at the "End of the World"
Cliff Jumping at the Southern most tip of the island

The cliff jumping was into the ocean and I never found a suitable waterfall to jump off of. Rainbow Falls was tempting but I really got mixed reports on safety and decided against it.

Anyone know of any cliffs you can jump off in Yosemite? smiling smiley

How about Hetch Hetchy? no, stop, enough!
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