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Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)

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Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 16, 2016 10:10PM
Continuing with the long-running idea of forum members sharing their trip reports from Hawaii on here, I've got another one for you. Back on April 30, a friend and I hiked the entire length of the Kalaupapa Trail on Molokai, Hawaii. It was quite an impressive and visually stunning hike and I'm glad I made the effort to get to Molokai in order to do this one. The full set of photographs within the report includes 92 photos which provide a nice documentation on the hike and entire area.

Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii) hiking report
avatar Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 18, 2016 08:00AM
Nice pictures and report!

I notice the "Entering Kalawao County" sign picture along the beach, after you've encountered some sandy areas. Does this mean that one can hike to the beach without a permit, but not continue on to Kalaupapa? It seems confusing because that's what the pictured signs appear to say, while the NPS Trail Safety Brochure states "Hiking the pali trail without a permit is strictly prohibited".
avatar Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 26, 2016 06:04PM
I looked up the statute cited in the sign. The fine would be $10 to $100 as stated in the law, even though the sign says $500.



§326-26 Persons allowed at places for Hansen's disease patients. (a) No person, not having Hansen's disease, shall be allowed to visit or remain upon any land, place, or inclosure set apart by the department of health for the domiciles and community facilities of persons affected with Hansen's disease, without the written permission of the director of health, or some officer authorized thereto by the department, under any circumstances whatever, and any person found upon such land, place, or inclosure without a written permission shall be fined not less than $10 nor more than $100 for such offense; provided that any patient resident of Kalaupapa desiring to remain at the facility shall be permitted to do so for as long as the person may choose, regardless of whether the person has been successfully treated.
(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), upon the request of a patient, the non-patient-spouse of a patient residing at Kalaupapa shall be allowed to reside with the patient-spouse at Kalaupapa. The non-patient-spouse shall not be entitled to receive any services or benefits accorded specifically to Hansen's disease patients at Kalaupapa. [L 1870, c 33, pt of §1; am L 1903, c 8, §2; RL 1925, §1201; am L 1931, c 139, §5; am L 1933, c 118, §1; RL 1935, §1164; RL 1945, §2427; am L 1949, c 53, §19; RL 1955, §50-28; am L Sp 1959 2d, c 1, §19; HRS §326-26; am L 1969, c 152, §1; am L 1977, c 25, §3; am L 1981, c 185, §13; am L 1982, c 147, §16; am L 1985, c 250, §11; am L 1996, c 2, §1]

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avatar Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 27, 2016 04:35PM
The fine would be $10 to $100 as stated in the law, even though the sign says $500.

The statute doesn't cite all the add ons fines have these days.
avatar Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 28, 2016 06:45PM
Again, the entire county is legally set aside as a leper colony. It looks like the beach is clearly within the county limits. I don't know about the entire trail, as it looks like the trailhead is clearly outside the limits, and the boundary is at one of the later switchbacks. I doubt the sign is where one actually would be entering the county.

Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 18, 2016 09:18PM
Great question, ttilley. And one that I was wondering myself while hiking. There seems to be conflicting information on the 3 warning signs. My guess is that the fine/jail time is probably only enforced on someone who tries to enter the county past the end of the trail. But who knows for sure. It would be a risk to hike without a permit, that's for sure. I think a worse risk than the fine is the possibility of being kicked off the hike after traveling so far to take it.
avatar Re: Kalaupapa Trail (Molokai, Hawaii)
July 26, 2016 05:58PM
Technically a permit is required to visit Kalawao County since it's still legally established as a leper colony.

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