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Re: French Polynesia hiking reports

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French Polynesia hiking reports
October 02, 2016 09:07PM
Last month we spent a couple of weeks hiking in French Polynesia on the islands of Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, and Maupiti. The hikes (especially on Bora Bora and Maupiti) were among the best I have ever experienced. As a result, I have seven new hiking reports that I am working on which document some of these beautiful areas. I'll try to publish one report per week (time permitting) if you are interested in checking out this area. I decided to post them here because I've definitely enjoyed the reports that forum members have posted from other parks and other countries on their trips. I hope you enjoy these as well.

The first report documents a hike taken on Tahiti to Fautaua Waterfall. This is quite an impressive and beautiful area. Definitely a must-do for anyone who comes to Tahiti and is a hiker. The report focuses on the wildflowers, plants and trees, views, and very special area located above the top of the waterfall. While this report covers the upper waterfall, the next report which will be coming out will document the lower waterfall, which is a completely different hike.

Fautaua Waterfall (Tahiti, French Polynesia)
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
October 05, 2016 04:15PM
The second report documents a hike to Lower Fautaua Waterfall. This is the lower portion of the falls which were shown in the first report. These are two separate trails (although they share the same first 2 miles) and completely different hikes. Another masterpiece of a hike on Tahiti. I'm sure anyone who loves Yosemite's waterfalls will appreciate both of these hikes.

Lower Fautaua Fall (Tahiti, French Polynesia)
avatar Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
October 18, 2016 06:03PM
Thanks for posting these. I've never been to Tahiti, nice to see there's awesome stuff to see other than the beach.
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
October 20, 2016 12:05AM
You're welcome, ttilley. I actually consider Tahiti to have the least scenic beaches of all the islands I visited. Tahiti was mainly just a jumping off point for us. We were there less than 2 days. And that leads me into the next report.

For our third report from French Polynesia, we have documented a hike to the highest point on the island of Maupiti. This was an incredible hike with great views all the way to the top. The summit hike also had great wildflowers and challenging but fun rope climbs. This report includes some bonus pictures at the end of a side hike to Maupiti's turtle petroglyphs, some views of the mountain from various spots on Maupiti, and a few of my favorite snorkeling pictures added in at the end.

Mount Teurafaatiu (Maupiti, French Polynesia)
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
October 30, 2016 11:58PM
Our fourth report from French Polynesia finds us on the beautiful island of Bora Bora visiting the highest point that it is possible to hike to. Mount Pahia (2,169 feet in elevation) was our destination. The views from the top looking all around Bora Bora were a definite trip highlight. I'm sure this report will be helpful to a lot of future hiking visitors to Bora Bora.

Mount Pahia (Bora Bora, French Polynesia)
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
November 16, 2016 10:20AM
Our fifth report continues the hiking on Bora Bora with a visit to the Cave of Mount Otemanu. This was a challenging hike but well worth the effort with the outstanding views and interesting cave to explore.

Cave of Mount Otemanu (Bora Bora, French Polynesia)
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
November 29, 2016 10:30AM
Thanks Steve. Wow...what views!
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
January 09, 2017 09:03PM
Thank you, hikerchick395. Definitely some of the best views I've ever seen.

Finally managed to finish up the sixth report from this trip. For this report, we have moved on to the island of Moorea for our final two hikes. This hike really focuses on the trees of the island but it also features outstanding views once again at the end.

Three Coconuts Pass (Moorea, French Polynesia)
Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
January 11, 2017 11:15PM
The seventh and final hiking report from French Polynesia has now been published. I hope you enjoyed the reports and can make it out to this beautiful area someday.

Three Pines Pass (Moorea, French Polynesia)
avatar Re: French Polynesia hiking reports
January 12, 2017 09:04PM
Thanks for posting these, it's quite beautiful.
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