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Re: New Zealand: Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut

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avatar New Zealand: Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut
February 27, 2017 07:20PM
I spent a little over two weeks in New Zealand this February on the northern part of the South Island, hiking, and then tasting wine. This is my third backpack.

This was a six day/five night trip hiking the Travers-Sabine Circuit, with a side visit the first night to Angelus Hut.

Angelus Hut is one of the "reserved non-Great Walk" huts I mentioned in an earlier post. Apparently, this hut's somewhat brief mention in Lonely Planet drew enough people to force a reservation system. The one thing Lonely Planet didn't mention is that if the weather turns foul it can be a challenge to reach this hut...

Here is the hut, where I spent my first night on this trip:

The weather forecast that morning was for 60km/h winds increasing to 90km/h, then 110km/h the next morning. You're hiking along an open ridge, the trail is a marked route, not a constructed trail. So...these winds blast like hell if a gust (typically 30% greater than the sustained wind speed, though the topography was channeling wind quite nicely in a few areas) comes at the wrong time, in the morning there were times the wind grabbed my pack and almost threw me to the ground. This was a strong cold front coming in from the Antarctic.

The hut was apparently reserved nearly full, though only a few of us actually got to the hut under these conditions.

Despite this unfortunate weather, the mountain scenery is incredible:

...and here is Angelus Lake, without the hut:

The next day, heading towards Lake Rotorua...a trailside bog:

Nice trailside waterfall:

...and the Sabine River:

The weather cleared out the next day giving me incredible views on the hike over Travers Saddle, separating the Sabine from the Travers valleys:

Heading down the Travers Valley...Travers Falls:

Travers River and Mt. Travers:

Beautiful alpenglow from Coldwater Hut, on the shore of Lake Rotoiti:
Re: New Zealand: Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut
March 07, 2017 12:45AM
A friend of mine is currently over in South Island and told me about those "tramper" huts. Didn't think much of them but after seeing em, boy do they look nice! Does it have a kitchen??
avatar Re: New Zealand: Travers-Sabine Circuit, Angelus Hut
March 07, 2017 10:02AM
The huts tend to have a kitchen area, but in most cases you have to bring your own stove - there's a metal counter where you can use the stove without burning down the hut. All the huts I stayed at included an indoor sink and water tap except for Coldwater Hut where that was outdoors, though the water is untreated. Bark Bay and Anchorage huts (Abel Tasman) had a single (outdoor) tap with treated water, all others you either treat the water or take your chances.

This website has some pretty good information and pictures of a lot of South Island huts, they vary considerably.

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