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Re: Colin Fletcher

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avatar Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 01:52PM
Dedicated urbanites "know" beyond shadow of doubt - because doubt never raises its disturbing head - that civilization is the real world: you only "escape" to wilderness. When you're out and away and immmersed, you "know" the obverse: the wilderness world is real, the human world a superimposed facade... The controversy is, of course, spurious. Neither view can stand alone. Both worlds are real. But the wilderness world is certainly older and will almost certainly last longer. Besides, the second view seems far healthier for a human to embrace.
--Colin Fletcher

avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 03:15PM
We are inclined to forget that sight is in some ways the most superficial of our senses. Immediately after I came out of the Canyon I flew low over the whole of my route. It was an interesting experience. But that was all. Sight was the only sense I could use. And the difference between flying over the Grand Canyon and living in it is like the difference between, on one hand, seeing a beautiful woman in a bikini and, on the other, making deeply satisfying love to her, with all her warmth and smoothness and fragrance and murmurings and movement.

Colin Fletcher

avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 03:25PM

Old Dude
avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 03:32PM
mrcondron wrote:

> Eeek?!


avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 03:47PM
Colin Fletcher,
Isn't he the guy from Berkeley that walked naked through the Grand Canyon in the 60's?

The cure for a fallacious argument is a better argument, not the suppression of ideas.
-- Carl Sagan
avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 03:56PM
...Author of "The Man Who Walked Through Time" - A MASTERPIECE, must read for anyone hiking the Grand Canyon (or anywhere else for that matter).....
avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 09, 2009 04:02PM
He also wrote The Complete Walker. It's a must read for anybody that backpacks.

Re: Colin Fletcher
April 10, 2009 01:51AM
The late Mr. Fletcher also wrote, "The Man From the Cave" - based upon a 10-year quest for information on a man who left a trunk and contents in a cave downstream from Hoover Dam during the Depression.

Before I left California in 1974, I recall reading an article in either the "Examiner" or "Chronicle," seeking any information on the trunk. Years later, I read in the book that a lady companion of "Trunkman" provided Mr. Fletcher with sufficient information to start a search that probably culminated in the identification of the man. I later purchased my own copy, and still refer to it on occasion. I also have "Complete Walker III," but favor the other book.
avatar Re: Colin Fletcher
April 10, 2009 07:54AM
I always carry " The Man Who Walked Through Time" when I am hiking the Southwest -- particularly Grand Canyon. Last year I took three weeks off to just wander around the beautiful Canyonlands and Grand Canyon, and all the while I was reading Colin Fletcher in the evening. His descriptions are keen and his is prose exquisite.

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