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Tuolumne Meadows and Lembert Dome during a summer storm, Yosemite National Park

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Book recommendations - Wanted!

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Book recommendations - Wanted!
May 14, 2018 08:39AM

I used to go the US with a main focus on the West and Southwest for many, many years. Due to unfortunate circumstances my wife no longer can travel and due to extremely high medical bills I have only been to Yosemite and the other places I love very few times in the last 9 years (I live in Europe so it's a long flight and expensive too if you need a flight, rental car etc.).

I always enjoyed reading books and I have a lot of nice books about Yosemite, the Southwest, petroglyphs, the history of those places, guidebooks (from Schaffer to Kelsey) etc.
I also enjoy reading "adventure books", e.g. Camp 4, The Last Season, Death in Yosemite, more or less every PCT account out there etc.

As I'm not even close of having another chance to go I have to rely on books to quench my thirst for the places I love so much.

You guys are the pros and therefore your book recommendations are welcome.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts! smiling smiley Thank you.

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Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
May 14, 2018 09:52AM
I few from my library....

"The Enchanted Valley Of Yosemite" by Albert Leo (I have not read yet)
"Missing In The Minerets" by William Alsup (a great companion to "The Last Season"winking smiley
"Mountain Sage" by Elizabeth Stone O'Neill (about Yosemite's famous ranger/naturalist Carl Sharsmith)
"Gloryland" by Shelton Johnson ( a novel about a Buffalo soldier's journey)
"Seed Of The Future" by Dayton Duncan (Yosemite and the evolution of the National Park idea)
And of course, pretty much anything John Muir ever wrote.
Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
May 14, 2018 06:04PM
Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada is my all time favorite, by Clarence King---a series of adventures he has with the Whitney survey party.

And in terms of the southwest, if you haven't read any Tony Hillerman, you should. Really wonderful books that tie into Navajo life and culture, and still tell a mystery.


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Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
May 31, 2018 05:25AM
I wanted to thank you for your recommendations. I really appreciate that.
Looks like I already had a pretty good collection of books but found also some new inspirations.

As I'm always looking for good books keep those recommendation comin'! smiling smiley

PS: please also include guidebooks.
Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
October 30, 2018 11:40AM
The Sierra High Route by Steve Roper is one I love reading along with a set of topo maps. Great history of the early Sierra explorers.
Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
November 17, 2018 12:40AM
Under "adventure books", Where You'll Find Me: Risk, Decisions, and the Last Climb of Kate Matrosova (Paperback – August 25, 2017) is worth a read. I first read of her story on the Internet:

Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
November 20, 2018 01:21AM
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Re: Book recommendations - Wanted!
November 21, 2018 10:04AM
"Way of the Scout" by Tom Brown is a good read.
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