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Re: Tenaya Canyon

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avatar Tenaya Canyon
August 30, 2009 12:33PM
The Nat'l Geo Trails Illustrated maps say "Hiking in Tenaya Canyon is dangerous and strongly discouraged". I know that attempting to hike all the way down to the valley or all the way up from the valley can be dangerous due to very steep areas below Mt. Watkins and at Pywiack Cascade, especially during high water flow. Anybody have any personal experience to relate?

avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon
August 30, 2009 08:46PM
I didn't try it, but a couple of years ago someone tried to talk me into do this as a "fun thing" when I was planning my solo backpacking trip. He did search and rescue so he had a bit of experience rappelling and scrambling down canyons. He said something about there only being maybe a couple of waterfalls that one would have to rappel down.

I thought it sounded nuts.
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon
August 30, 2009 08:50PM
John Muir did some writing about his experiences there. Not recommended.

Old Dude
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon
August 30, 2009 08:55PM
More here if your interested. Of course I've looked into this baby... but I still have a number of lakes to "check" off....
and the bird keeps sqwauking about wanting to "go up that peak too"...

avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon
August 30, 2009 09:10PM
Hiking is not recommended. Rock climbing, rappelling, etc. may be perfectly in order. By the way hiking is not recommended on the face of El Cap either.

Old Dude
avatar Re: Tenaya Canyon
August 31, 2009 07:55AM
O.K., thanks for the links to Tenaya Canyon treks. This is not really on my list of places to go; just wanted my curiosity satisfied, particularly regarding the Glacial Valley portion since I've observed it from the Sunrise Lakes trail. The lower half of the canyon is obviously more appropriate for rock climbers than hikers. Although the Glacial Valley looks interesting (and safe) it would not really serve as a round trip destination IMHO.

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